22 Of The Best Rascal Flatts Weddings Songs For Your Big Day

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Bride and groom dancing to a Rascal Flatts wedding song


Congratulations to the happy couple! If you’re currently knee-deep in wedding planning, you’ve likely discovered that picking the right tune is as tricky as catching the bouquet without knocking over Aunt Mildred!

We understand that selecting the ideal wedding song is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but fear not, we’ve got your back. Today, we’re unveiling a carefully curated list of of the best 22 Rascal Flatts wedding songs.

We took into account factors like being the most requested at weddings, chart-toppers, and those timeless songs that have made Rascal Flatts a staple in the wedding playlist scene.

Let’s start!

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Top Rascal Flatts Wedding Songs

Rascal Flatts offers a collection of timeless wedding songs. See which songs made our list!

1. "Bless The Broken Road" (2004)

Begin your journey together with the enchanting “Bless the Broken Road.” Released in 2004, this Rascal Flatts wedding song narrates the beauty of love’s unexpected twists and turns. Ideal for a first dance, its lyrics express the joy of finding true love after a series of life’s challenges. 

2. "My Wish" (2006)

Released in 2006, “My Wish” is a heartfelt expression of love and encouragement. Perfect for parent-child dances, the song beautifully captures a parent’s hopes and dreams for their child’s future. A timeless choice for celebrating the transition to a new chapter in life. 

3. "I Melt" (2002)

“I Melt,” released in 2002, is an intimate ballad capturing the essence of romance. Perfect for a couple’s first dance, this wedding song by Rascal Flatts beautifully expresses the emotions of melting into each other’s love. 

4. "Here Comes Goodbye" (2009)

Released in 2009, “Here Comes Goodbye” offers a poignant choice for couples looking for a powerful farewell moment. Ideal for the last dance, the wedding song by Rascal Flatts captures the bittersweet emotions of parting ways.

5. "Stand" (2007)

“Stand,” released in 2007, is an uplifting anthem perfect for celebrating the strength of love. An ideal choice for the entrance or exit music, the song inspires resilience and unity. 

Father and bride dancing to Rascal Flatts wedding songs

6. "What Hurts The Most" (2006)

Released in 2006, “What Hurts The Most” is an emotional ballad reflecting on lost opportunities. Despite the title, it resonates with weddings, especially during moments of reflection. 

7. "Unstoppable" (2009)

“Unstoppable,” released in 2009, is an upbeat anthem celebrating the unstoppable force of love. Ideal for lively moments on the dance floor, the Rascal Flatts wedding song captures the energy and excitement of embarking on a lifelong journey together. 

8. "Fast Cars and Freedom" (2004)

“Fast Cars and Freedom,” released in 2004, is a nostalgic reflection on the passage of time. Perfect for a wedding slideshow, it captures the essence of young love evolving into a lifetime commitment. 

9. "Feels Like Today" (2004)

“Feels Like Today,” released in 2004, radiates optimism and joy. Ideal for the ceremony or reception, this wedding song by Rascal Flatts captures the excitement of a wedding day. 

10. "These Days" (2002)

“These Days,” released in 2002, reflects on the journey of love through time. Ideal for a reflective moment during the ceremony, the song captures the essence of enduring love. 

11. "Why" (2009)

Released in 2009, “Why” is a poignant exploration of love’s complexities. Ideal for a moment of reflection, the song conveys the depth of emotions associated with commitment. 

Bride and groom in the middle of the reception room

12. "I Won't Let Go" (2011)

“I Won’t Let Go,” released in 2011, is a comforting assurance of unwavering support. Ideal for emotional moments during the ceremony, the song expresses a commitment to stand by each other through thick and thin. 

13. "Changed" (2012)

“Changed,” released in 2012, reflects on personal growth and transformation. Perfect for celebrating a transformative moment, the song captures the idea of positive change through love. 

14. "Love You Out Loud" (2003)

“Love You Out Loud,” released in 2003, is a playful and upbeat love declaration. Ideal for the reception, the song sets a lively tone for celebration and dance. 

15. "Skin" (2004)

Released in 2004, “Skin” explores sensual and romantic themes. Ideal for a romantic dance, the Rascal Flatts wedding song conveys the intimacy shared between two people in love. 

16. "Close" (2003)

“Close,” released in 2003, is an intimate expression of closeness and connection. Perfect for a moment of intimacy during the ceremony, the song beautifully captures the bond between two people in love. 

17. "I Like the Sound of That" (2014)

“I Like the Sound of That,” released in 2014, is a catchy and upbeat wedding anthem. Ideal for celebrating on the dance floor, the song sets a lively and fun atmosphere for the reception. 

18. "Backwards" (2006)

“Backwards,” released in 2006, is a playful and lighthearted choice. Perfect for a fun moment during the reception, the song adds a touch of humor to the celebration.

19. "Every Day" (2007)

“Every Day,” released in 2007, captures the beauty of love in ordinary moments. Ideal for any part of the ceremony or reception, the song celebrates the simplicity of everyday love. 

20. "Words I Couldn't Say" (2007)

Released in 2007, “Words I Couldn’t Say” is an emotionally charged song ideal for intimate moments. Perfect for exchanging vows or a quiet dance, the song expresses the depth of feelings that sometimes go unspoken. 

21. "Let It Hurt" (2009)

“Let It Hurt,” released in 2009, is a song that explores the healing power of love. Ideal for moments of vulnerability during the ceremony, the song expresses the idea of allowing love to overcome pain. 

22. "Back to Life" (2018)

“Back to Life,” released in 2018, brings a modern touch to wedding playlists. Ideal for contemporary couples, the song captures the essence of rejuvenated love. 

How to Choose the Right Rascal Flatts Wedding Song for Your Big Day

Selecting the perfect Rascal Flatts wedding song can be a pivotal decision in curating the soundtrack for your big day. Here are five practical tips to guide you in making the right choice for a memorable celebration: 

1. Consider Your Love Story

When choosing a Rascal Flatts wedding song, reflect on your unique love story. Consider songs that resonate with your journey as a couple. For example, if you met after overcoming challenges, “God Bless the Broken Road” (2005) may be an ideal choice. The lyrics beautifully capture the essence of finding love after navigating life’s twists and turns.

2. Think About the Mood You Want to Set

Determine the mood you want to set for different parts of your wedding. For a romantic and intimate atmosphere during the first dance, “My Heart” (2006) encapsulates deep emotions and devotion. If you’re aiming for a lively and celebratory ambiance during the reception, “Unstoppable” (2009) could be the perfect choice, creating an energetic atmosphere on the dance floor.

3. Incorporate Personal Touches

Personalize your choice by incorporating elements that are meaningful to you as a couple. If you have a shared experience related to a specific wedding song by Rascal Flatts, such as a concert or a special moment, consider including it in your wedding playlist. For instance, if “Fast Cars and Freedom” (2004) reminds you of a road trip where your love blossomed, it can add a nostalgic touch to your celebration.

4. Think Beyond the Lyrics

While the lyrics are essential, also consider the overall vibe and melody of the song. Ensure that the music resonates with the emotions you want to convey. For a lively and uplifting feel, “Stand” (2007) can be a great choice, with its encouraging lyrics and upbeat tempo. This song can be used to set a positive tone as you enter or exit different parts of your wedding.

5. Test the Song in Your Wedding Venue

Before finalizing your choice, test the acoustics of your wedding venue with the selected song. Ensure that the sound quality complements the atmosphere you want to create. For example, if you plan to use “I Like the Sound of That” (2014) for a fun and energetic moment on the dance floor, confirm that the venue’s sound system does justice to the song’s lively beats and lyrics.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up, we’ve explored the top 25 Rascal Flatts wedding songs, each offering a unique blend of emotion and melody to enhance your special day. Additionally, we’ve offered practical tips on how to choose the right wedding song by Rascal Flatts for your big day.

And if you’re now ready to take the next step in planning your wedding entertainment, consider reaching out to DJing.ca. As Canada’s largest DJ company, we’ve handpicked the top 1% of DJs from a pool of over 5,000+. With over 1,000 events under our belt and a consistent 5-star rating, we bring unparalleled expertise and energy to your celebration. 

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Remember, the only thing better than finding the perfect Rascal Flatts wedding song is finding the perfect DJ to spin it. Happy planning and may your wedding day be filled with love, laughter, and a whole lot of dancing!

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