25 Best Grateful Dead Wedding Songs For A Rocking Ceremony!

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Well, look who just got engaged! For that, we send you a heartfelt congratulations! 

Now, wedding songs might not always be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of one of the greatest bands of all time: the Grateful Dead. But if you’re a massive deadhead like us, then you should know differently (ask any of your uncles and they’d agree with you!) 

That said, the Grateful Dead’s massive catalogue isn’t exactly the easiest to pore through, not when their discography spans so many decades. So, to help you out, we listed our favorite Grateful Dead wedding songs! We even categorized them via: romantic, upbeat, slow and sentimental, reflective and nostalgic, and rock. 

So grab your partner and tune that guitar so we can get started right away!

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Romantic Grateful Dead Wedding Songs

Whilst The Grateful Dead is known for being a band that loves to really jam it out on stage, that doesn’t mean that the late (and great) Jerry Garcia also isn’t a romantic at heart! And to expel any doubts you may have, here are some of the band’s most romantic songs that are fit for a wedding, regardless of whether you’re a massive fan of the band or not. Besides, how can you hear Jerry Garcia sing “to be with youuu, once more, to be with you” and not feel warm inside? We certainly do! 

  1. “To Lay Me Down”
  2. “They Love Each Other”
  3. “Attics of My Life”
  4. “Ripple”
  5. “If I Had the World to Give”

Upbeat Grateful Dead Wedding Songs

Of course, a band that has such a long-lasting legacy knows how to have fun, whether in the studio or on the stage! For our personal picks, however, we’d go for the all-time feel-good “Sugar Magnolia” and the ever-funky “Sugar Magnolia,” both of which are perfect for opening up the reception party dance floor, for uncles, dads, and Grateful Dead fans alike! 

  1. “Sugar Magnolia”
  2. “Touch of Grey”
  3. “Shakedown Street”
  4. “Casey Jones”
  5. “Bertha”
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Slow And Sentimental Luke Combs Wedding Songs

Need a slow and sentimental song for the first dance? Or just to ease the guests before the actual reception party starts? Don’t worry. The Grateful Dead has got you. From reflective jams like “Standing on the Moon” to the contemplative nature of “Row Jimmy,” these songs are perfect for the wedding’s for the first dance, or the entrance to the reception party. Think of them as the calm before the storm (the storm being your reception party, that is!) 

  1. “Brokedown Palace”
  2. “Standing on the Moon”
  3. “Crazy Fingers”
  4. “Stella Blue”
  5. “Row Jimmy”

Reflective And nostalgic Grateful dead wedding songs

Looking to add a touch of reflection and nostalgia for your wedding? Well, believe us when we say that a band that has been around for decades has plenty to offer! Take “High Time” – which is all about self-discovery and the passage of time, both of which you’ll now be experiencing with the love of your life forever! There’s also “Days Between,” which offers a quiet yet powerful moment for you and your partner. Cue the waterfall of teardrops! 

  1. “High Time” 
  2. “Box of Rain”
  3. “He’s Gone” 
  4. “Days Between” 
  5. “Black Muddy River”

Reflective And nostalgic Grateful dead wedding songs

Of course, we’re ending our list with the most rocking Grateful Dead Wedding Songs! The band, after all, has always been known for their eclectic and high-energy jams onstage, and these songs best reflect that, making them perfect for the reception party! Fair warning, however, because the classic rock dads and uncles are about to come out and strut their stuff on the dance floor! 

  1. “Truckin”
  2. “New Speedway Boogie” 
  3. “Not Fade Away”
  4. “Cassidy”
  5. “One More Saturday Night”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Grateful Dead Wedding Songs

A newly married couple dancing while Grateful Dead wedding songs are playing.

Can Grateful Dead songs be appropriate for a wedding?

Absolutely! While the band is known for playing rock music, Grateful Dead’s diverse catalog offers a range of songs suitable for different wedding moments. From romantic ballads to upbeat tunes, dig deep enough and you’ll find something for everyone.

Are there any Grateful Dead songs that are commonly chosen for first dances?

“To Lay Me Down,” “They Love Each Other,” and “Attics of My Life” are popular choices for first dances due to their tender, romantic vibes, and Jerry Garcia’s comforting voice. Of course, there are plenty others that you can discover if you dig deeper. 

What if my guests are not familiar with Grateful Dead music?

In that case, consider creating a diverse playlist of classic Grateful Dead songs and other well-known tunes. This way, you’ll be able to cater to a broad audience while slowly introducing the Grateful Dead to them. You can also ask your wedding DJ for assistance with this. 

Can Grateful Dead Songs be incorporated into traditional wedding ceremonies? 

Absolutely! There are plenty of Grateful Dead Songs, especially the more reflective and instrumental ones, that can complement your traditional ceremony. Asking your wedding DJ for help with this is also highly recommended, especially if you’re still unsure how to integrate your favorite
Dead songs in your wedding playlist. 

One of our DJs playing Grateful Dead wedding songs.

Tips For Choosing The Best Grateful Dead Wedding Songs

  • Reflect on Your Relationship – If you and your partner are both deadheads, then start by picking songs that hold very high significance for the both of you! These can be Grateful Dead songs you listen to together or have introduced to one another.
  • Consider the Vibe –  Match the tone of the song to the mood of each wedding moment, whether it’s a lively dance or a heartfelt exchange of vows. If possible, ask your wedding DJ to time these moments to the more instrumental part of the songs to minimize any distractions (we’re sorry but Jerry Garcia’s voice is too good we’ll end up listening to it).
  • Diversify the Selection – It’s always good to add plenty of song variety, especially if you plan on having plenty of Grateful Dead songs in your wedding playlist. Incorporate a mix of slow and fast songs to keep the energy flowing throughout the celebration.

  • Consult with Your Wedding DJ – We already mentioned this above, but don’t forget to talk to your wedding DJ prior to the celebration! Discuss your preferences with them and talk about the playlist, song transitions, and backup plans should something come up. 

FAQs About Tim McGraw Wedding Songs

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And there you go, 25 of our favorite Grateful Dead Wedding songs to fit any deadhead’s big day! While we’re sure there’s still plenty of things left to plan for the wedding, we hope our list of the best Grateful Dead songs have helped, and we certainly hope their timeless and soulful sounds accompany you into a new chapter in your life once the big day comes!  

But just in case you don’t have a wedding DJ for the nuptials yet, how about giving our team at DJing.ca a go? As Canada’s largest DJ company, we have handpicked only the top 1% of DJs from a pool of over 5,000+. What’s more, we also boast a track record of more than 1,000+ successful events, maintaining our 5-star rating and expertise the whole way through.

So, whether you’re planning a Grateful Dead-themed wedding or not, our DJs have the expertise to bring all that to life! Simply fill out our quote form below and we’ll immediately be in touch. Happy planning!!

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