30 Of our favorite Luke Combs Wedding Songs For A Twangin' Celebration!

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Look who’s about to say “I do” to the love of their life ❤️❤️

You’ve found the right person, so congratulations! But now that the hard part is finally over (someone who thinks all your quirks are pretty), it’s time to talk about your wedding songs!

Now, we know you’re already a massive fan of Luke Combs (why else would you be here?), but it can be tricky to pick ones for the wedding playlist when so many of them are super good!

So, we did the hard work (a.k.a. making Spotify playlists) and listed down 30 of our favorite Luke Combs wedding songs, categorized by heartwarming and romantic, upbeat, slow and sentimental, and cute and playful. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started right away!

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Heartwarming And Romantic Luke Combs Wedding Songs

It’s hard to say Luke Combs and not immediately think of his many romantic songs. As a country artist, Luke Combs has made quite the name writing these soul-stirring love songs that a lot of fans can relate to, which means that they’re on the top billing for our recommended wedding songs. From the playful “Beautiful Crazy” to the romantic “Better Together,” these are perfect background songs for any couple exchanging “I Dos.”

  1. Beautiful Crazy (2018)
  2. Better Together (2019)
  3. One Number Away (2017)
  4. Even Though I’m Leaving (2019)
  5. Lovin’ On You (2020)
  6. Forever After All (2020)
  7. This One’s For You (2017)
  8. Reasons (2019)

Upbeat Luke Combs Wedding Songs

When he’s not crooning the ladies with his romantic country songs, Luke is out here hyping the #bois with his selection of upbeat country jams! Of course, my personal favorite has to be “Hurricane,” with its gruff exterior asking you to raise all your drinks up in the air. YOU HIT ME LIKE A HURRICANEEE~~

  1. Hurricane (2016)
  2. Beer Never Broke My Heart (2019)
  3. When It Rains It Pours (2017)
  4. Cold As You (2015)
  5. Moon Over Mexico (2019)
  6. Blue Collar Boys (2014)
  7. Can I Get An Outlaw (2015)
  8. Must’ve Never Met You (2017)
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Slow And Sentimental Luke Combs Wedding Songs

It may not seem like it at the first glance, but slow dances and Luke Combs is actually… well, a great combo! Just imagine slow dancing with your partner to “All Over Again,” or looking into their eyes while “Dear Today” is playing. Get the picture? Now go practice those dance moves so you don’t end up stepping on your partner’s foot! 

  1. All Over Again (2017)
  2. Dear Today (2019)
  3. Be Careful What You Wish For (2019)
  4. Beautiful Crazy (Acoustic) (2018)
  5. Even Though I’m Leaving (Acoustic) (2019)
  6. The Other Guy (2014)
  7. A Long Way (2017)

Cute And Playful Luke Combs Wedding Songs

We know “cute and playful” is the last thing on your mind when you think of Luke Combs songs, but one listen to the songs listed below and it’s clear he’s full of surprises! From the groovy guitar riffs on “Lovin On You” to the playful lyrics on “One Too Many,” these songs will surely open up the dance floor on your big day. 

  1. Refrigerator Door (2019)
  2. Reasons (2019)
  3. Must’ve Never Met You (2017)
  4. Angels Workin’ Overtime (2019)
  5. Does to Me (2020)
  6. One Too Many (2015)
  7. What You See Is What You Get (2019)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Luke Combs Wedding Songs

A newlywed couple on their way to the reception, where one of our DJs will play Luke Combs wedding songs.

Are Luke Combs songs suitable for a wedding?

Absolutely! Luke Combs’ music is known for its relatable lyrics and emotional depth, making it perfect for capturing the essence of love and commitment. They’re especially perfect for couples who are also country fans, or just want a sprinkle of southern twang on their big day. 

Can I customize the list based on my preferences?

Certainly! While we worked hard on compiling this list, think of it as a starting point. As such, feel free to mix and match songs to create a playlist that better reflects your personality and the tastes of your guests at the ceremony.

Are there any other Luke Combs songs not on the list that are great for weddings?

While these 30 songs are a solid (and diverse) foundation, Luke Combs has a rich discography. So, make sure to further explore his music to find hidden gems that might align perfectly with your wedding vision. You never know, you might even end up finding your next favorite Luke Combs song! 

Can I use Luke Combs songs for other wedding-related events, like the rehearsal dinner or reception?

Absolutely! The list of Luke Combs wedding songs that we included here is actually designed to complete your wedding playlist, whether you need a song to walk down the aisle to, a song for your first dance, or even songs for the reception party. 

A newly married couple kissing while one of our DJs is playing Luke Combs wedding songs.

Tips For Choosing The Best Wedding Songs

Need some extra help in choosing the best wedding songs for your big day? Here are some extra insight from us! 

  • Reflect on Your Story – Before anything, start by picking songs that already hold significance to you or your partner. Never underestimate the power of music, especially when it was there during the most important points of your life! 

  • Consider Your Guests – Next, make sure that you also consider your guests’ preferences when it comes to wedding music. Luckily, Luke Combs’ wedding discography is varied enough to include just about every demographic in your guest list.
  • Match the Mood – When making the playlist, make sure to taylor it to match the vibe of different wedding moments, from the ceremony to the dance floor. After all, you don’t want to play sad music when everybody is busy having fun on the dance floor! 
  • Consult with the DJ – Next, make sure to collaborate with your wedding DJ to discuss song transitions, event flow, how you want the songs to be mixed, and the like. You can also ask for any song suggestions, as these are professionals who have already performed at previous weddings and therefore know what works best.

  • Enjoy the Process Finally, enjoy! This is not a job, so don’t treat it like one! Instead, ask for some insight from your partner, pick the songs that you like best, and don’t overthink about it too much! Just go with your heart, and the rest should follow. 

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And that concludes our list of the best Luke Combs wedding songs! While we can’t ask Luke to physically come to your wedding (can be a bit expensive, unfortunately), curating the perfect wedding playlist filled with his songs is the next best thing, and we hope our list is helpful! 

That said, have you already found the perfect wedding DJ to take care of the playlist for you? If not, then consider working with us here at DJing

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