30 Rocking Bon Jovi Wedding Songs To Bring The House Down!

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If you’re currently reading this, then you’re most likely these two things: you’re about to tie the knot (congratulations btw!), and you’re a huge Bon Jovi fan!

Now, you may be wondering, can these two be combined? Well, we’re here to tell you (and your excited dad) that yes! Absolutely! 

That said, it can be tricky to pick out the best wedding-ready Bon Jovi songs, especially if your dad is right beside you picking out HIS favorite songs (kidding pops, we love you). So, we went ahead and picked out the actual best Bon Jovi wedding songs, because you deserve to rock out at your wedding.

So, let’s get to it! (that includes you, dad)

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Romantic Bon Jovi Wedding Songs

Ask any dad (including yours) and they’ll say that Bon Jovi is all about the big 80s hair and sick guitar solos, but we think their romantic offerings are just as good! Think three part harmonies, karaoke-ready love songs, and power ballads, and you have yourself the perfect rock songs with just the right amount of romance.

So, if your plan is to have a powerful bridal walk or a rocking first dance, then try these picks. Besides, can you imagine how great it will be to walk down the aisle while Bon Jovi is belting out “And I will love youuuuuuu alwaaaayss!!” or having your first dance to the romantic guitar solos of “Bed of Roses?” Now that’s how you make your ceremony memorable!

  1. “Always” (1994)
  2. “Bed of Roses” (1992)
  3. “Thank You for Loving Me” (2000)
  4. “This Ain’t a Love Song” (1995)
  5. “I’ll Be There for You” (1988)
  6. “Never Say Goodbye” (1987)
  7. “Born to Be My Baby” (1988)
  8. “Make a Memory” (2007)
  9. “All About Lovin’ You” (2002)
  10. “Secret Dreams” (1988)

Slow and Sentimental Bon Jovi Wedding Songs

Hey, even the loudest and proudest of bands have their own slow jams, making them perfect for the equally-slow moments of your wedding, like the cocktail hour, reception dinner, or even when you’re just waiting for the guests to start piling. 

So give your wedding DJ a nod, and make sure they’re ready with a playlist that’s fit for some light talking and eating with these songs. Either way, these should also hype up your guests for the upcoming party!

  1. “Always Run to You” (1985)
  2. “Diamond Ring” (1988)
  3. “Silent Night” (2007)
  4. “Seat Next to You” (2015)
  5. “Amen” (2000)
  6. “Open All Night” (1995)
  7. “Janie, Don’t Take Your Love to Town” (1992)
  8. “Thorn in My Side” (1992)
  9. “Bells of Freedom” (2004)
  10. “Wild in the Streets” (1988)
The bride and groom having fun during the reception.

Upbeat Bon Jovi Wedding Songs

Finally, this is what your dad (and everyone else of course) has been waiting for, the reception party! This means officially opening the dance floor, getting your best dance moves ready, and bringing out these upbeat Bon Jovi wedding songs to bring the house down! 

Of course, you have karaoke- and sing-along ready hits like “You Give Love a Bad Name” and “Livin’ On a Prayer,” but we think underrated hits like “Have a Nice Day” and “Bad Medicine” are just as good! Either way, it’s time to start rocking! 

  1. “Livin’ on a Prayer” (1986)
  2. “You Give Love a Bad Name” (1986)
  3. “It’s My Life” (2000)
  4. “Runaway” (1983)
  5. “Keep the Faith” (1992)
  6. “Bad Medicine” (1988)
  7. “Raise Your Hands” (1986)
  8. “Have a Nice Day” (2005)
  9. “We Weren’t Born to Follow” (2009)
  10. “Lay Your Hands on Me” (1988)
Kids having fun while Bon Jovi wedding songs are playing.

Bon Jovi Wedding Songs FAQ

Are Bon Jovi songs appropriate for a wedding?

Absolutely! Bon Jovi’s diverse catalog offers a range of romantic ballads and energetic anthems suitable for various wedding moments. Furthermore, the band’s repertoire of power ballads are also great for any couple who loves some good ol’ rock n’ roll for their ceremony. 

What’s the significance of including slow and sentimental songs?


Slow and sentimental songs provide emotional depth, making them perfect for key wedding moments like the first dance or a heartfelt vow exchange.

Why add loud and upbeat songs to the wedding playlist?


Upbeat Bon Jovi songs inject energy into the celebration, ensuring that guests hit the dance floor and enjoy the festivities. For that reason alone, Bon Jovi’s loudest and most upbeat hits are perfect for any reception party! 

Parents listening to slow bon jovi wedding songs at the reception.

Bon Jovi's Impact in the Industry and Weddings

It might seem like an unlikely pairing at first, but take another look at Bon Jovi’s discography and you’ll see why countless couples have added their hits to their own weddings! For one thing, the band has spent the better of their 3-decade run seamlessly blending heartfelt lyrics with catchy melodies. Then there’s also the band’s frontman Jon Bon Jovi, whose vocal range is perfect for adding that much needed touch of emotion to any celebration! 

Of course, the band has enjoyed success beyond getting added to wedding playlists. For example, their classic song “Livin’ on a Prayer” has reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 back in 1987, while “You Give Love a Band Name” reached the same spot on the Billboard Hot 100 just the year before in 1986. Other chart-topping hits include “It’s My Life” (#3 on Billboard Hot 100), “Always” (#4 on Billboard Hot 100) and “Bed of Roses” (#10 on Billboard Hot 100). 

Aside from that, the band’s third album “Slippery When Wet” has also sold more than 28 million copies worldwide, and has churned out the band’s most wedding-ready hits even until today. 

Newlyweds sharing food while bon jovi wedding songs are playing.

Top Tips for Choosing Bon Jovi Wedding Songs

  • Consider the Moment – Every wedding needs a structure to follow! So, make sure you tailor your song choices to different wedding moments, such as the ceremony, first dance, and reception.
  • Mix It Up – Next, mix the playlist up by combining romantic, slow, and upbeat Bon Jovi songs to cater to various moods. By doing this, you can give the guests some time to breathe now and then, and ensure nobody gets too exhausted before the end of the party.
  • Add Diversity – We also recommend adding other artists to your playlists! For example, we’re sure the oldies in your guest list will enjoy some Frank Sinatra and The Beatles, while the ladies should have fun with some Taylor Swift and Beyonce. Of course, you also need some music for the men, and we think they’ll have some fun vibing to John Mayer and The Grateful Dead, just to name a few of our favorite artists!
  • Get Guest Input – Stumped on what to add to your wedding playlist? Then make it a team effort by asking some guests to include their own suggestions! If this can’t be done before the event, then you can also ask your wedding DJ to accept song requests while the party is going on!
  • Incorporate Iconic Hits – Don’t forget Bon Jovi’s timeless classics; they’re sure to get everyone on their feet and singing along to every word!! (and yes, we mean your dad and all of your uncles) 
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And that’s about it, our favorite Bon Jovi wedding songs for a rocking celebration! All in all, we hope our list not only helped you add some more song additions to your own wedding playlist, but also convince you that the band’s music can fit perfectly in your nuptials (we swear your dad didn’t pay us to say this). 

But just in case you don’t have the perfect wedding DJ yet to take care of the music, then why not work with us here at DJing.ca? As the largest DJ company in Canada, we’re dedicated to working with only the top 1% of DJs in the industry in order to ensure you get nothing but the best for your big day! 

What’s more, we’ve also successfully pulled off more than 1,000+ events, and have maintained our stellar 5-star rating the whole way through! 

So, hit us up for a quote and we’ll immediately get back to you! Happy wedding planning!

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