30 Top Lady Gaga Wedding Songs For An Electric Celebration!

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You’d be hard-pressed to find anybody who hasn’t heard of Lady Gaga these days.

At this point in her career, Lady Gaga has become so synonymous with music that her songs have slowly etched their way into countless wedding playlists! In fact, just a couple years ago, a lucky couple managed to hire her as their actual wedding singer!

Unfortunately, not all of us are billionaires that can afford pop superstars like Lady Gaga, but we have the next best thing: a wedding DJ that can spin your favorite Lady Gaga wedding songs! 

So, just in case you need a dash or two of Lady Gaga on your own big day, then let’s get right to it! 

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A newlywed couple during their ceremony.

Romantic Lady Gaga Wedding Songs

As an artist that primarily got famous because of her pop dance anthems, we can’t blame you if you think that there are no Lady Gaga songs that are fit for your bridal walk or the first dance.

However, that can’t be further from the truth, as this list is proof that Lady Gaga also has a penchant for writing heart-tugging tunes. From the highly emotional “Always Remember Us This Way” (who else cried in A Star Is Born??) to the anthemic “The Edge of Glory,” here are some of Lady Gaga’s most swoon-worthy tunes! 

  1. “Always Remember Us This Way”
  2. “Speechless”
  3. “I’ll Never Love Again”
  4. “The Edge of Glory”
  5. “Is That Alright?”
  6. “Million Reasons”
  7. “I Like It Rough”
  8. “Dance in the Dark”
  9. “Gypsy”
  10. “Before I Cry”

Slow and Sentimental Lady Gaga Wedding Songs

Now, before we all throw down (we’re invited to your wedding, right?) at the reception party, it’s important to have some quieter and slower moments after the ceremony. This can be during the cocktail hour, the reception dinner, or even when you’re just waiting for all of the guests to arrive.

Of course, some background music during these times wouldn’t hurt, especially if you don’t want anybody to get bored! So, sprinkle in a good amount of these slower songs and you should be good to go!

  1. “Yoü and I”
  2. “Brown Eyes”
  3. “Joanne”
  4. “Your Song”
  5. “Angel Down”
  6. “Dope”
  7. “Grigio Girls”
  8. “Sinner’s Prayer”
  9. “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich”
  10. “I Wanna Be With You”

Upbeat Lady Gaga Wedding Songs

Finally, it’s time for the reception party! Now, we already know that reception parties and Lady Gaga are a match made in heaven, but we’re sure there’s a bunch of underrated gems that you might not have considered before!

For our personal recommendations, give “Electric Chapel” and “Marry the Night” a listen, and watch as your wedding DJ turns the dance floor into a real party! So make sure to pack your dancing shoes! 

  1. “Bad Romance”
  2. “Poker Face”
  3. “Just Dance”
  4. “Alejandro”
  5. “LoveGame”
  6. “Marry the Night”
  7. “Electric Chapel”
  8. “Monster”
  9. “Fashion!”
  10. “Stupid Love”
A newlywed couple listening and dancing to lady gaga wedding songs.

Lady Gaga's Influence on Weddings and the Music Industry

Lady Gaga and weddings might seem like an unlikely pairing at first, but delve deep into her discography and you’ll see why she’s slowly becoming a mainstay in wedding playlists! 

Starting as a pop artist, Lady Gaga’s music has transformed into something much more unique, all while her lyrics continue to advocate for love in all of its forms (hooray for inclusivity!). As such, it’s not a surprise that Lady Gaga resonates so much with couples who want their wedding ceremony to be a celebration of love in all its forms.

Of course, all of that has also translated into massive success for her body of music. For example, her albums “The Fame” and “Born This Way” have achieved multi-platinum success globally, with the former selling over 15 million copies worldwide.

The same can be said for her singles, with hits like “Poker Face,” “Bad Romance,” and “Shallow” not only becoming multiple chart-topping singles, but also cultural phenomena that has solidified her status as a pop icon. On top of that, she has also won numerous Grammy Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and an Academy Award for Best Original Song for “Shallow.” 

As you can see, it should be no surprise that she’s now also becoming a go-to for many couples! 

Guests dancing to Lady Gaga Wedding songs during the reception.

Tips for Picking Lady Gaga Wedding Songs

  • Understand Your Theme – Following a themed wedding? Well then, it’s a good idea to consider it when picking the Lady Gaga wedding songs for your playlist. Luckily, the list we provided above should have something for every vibe, whether it’s a classic and elegant affair or a more modern celebration!
  • Create a Diverse Playlist – Always keep in mind that when it comes to making a playlist, always include plenty of diversity! For example, while this blog post implies that you’re gonna add a lot of Lady Gaga songs to your playlist, we would also suggest other artists, like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Sam Smith, or even Lana Del Rey for example! A well-curated mix will cater to all tastes and keep the dance floor alive.

  • Incorporate Personal Favorites – If you and your partner have a favorite Lady Gaga song, be sure to include it in the playlist. These personal touches add a special layer of meaning to your wedding soundtrack!

  • Collaborate with Your DJ – Work closely with your wedding DJ to create a seamless flow between songs. Professional input can help enhance the overall ambiance and keep the celebration dynamic, all while providing valuable input that you may not have thought of initially!
  • Timing is Everything – Pay attention to the timing of each song. Use the more energetic tracks to kick off the dance floor and save the slow, romantic numbers for pivotal moments like the first dance. Make sure to work with your wedding DJ as well with this aspect of the program!

  • Consider Cover Versions – Lady Gaga has covered classic songs with her own unique twist. So, if you want a fresh take on some more older classics, then explore her renditions! For example, her cover of “Your Song” should add a unique touch to your wedding playlist.

  • Embrace the Unconventional – Finally, don’t be afraid to step outside the traditional wedding song box. With such a varied catalog, you should be able to find some unexpected Lady Gaga wedding songs that will add some more personality in your event! 
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In conclusion, Lady Gaga’s music offers a kaleidoscope of emotions that can elevate any wedding celebration. From tender ballads to high-energy anthems, her versatile catalog provides a unique and memorable soundtrack for couples looking to create an unforgettable wedding experience! 

And just in case you’re like us who also want a good dose of her music in your wedding, then why not work with one of our expert DJs here at DJing.ca? As the largest DJ company in Canada, we only work with the top 1% of experts in the industry, all of which have managed to maintain our stellar 5-star rating through countless successful events. Not only that, but all our packages also come with great prices!

So, hit us up today for a quote and we’ll get started right away. No bad romance here!

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