30 Tyler Childers Wedding Songs For A Soulful And Rustic Big Day!

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If you’re reading this, then you’re definitely these two things: you’re about to get married (congratulations!) and you’re a country music fan (howdy!) 

It also probably means that you’re looking for some country tunes to add to your wedding playlist, in which case we’d like to introduce you to our favorite Tyler Childers wedding songs! 

It’s no surprise, of course. Armed with heart-tugging lyrics and a penchant for writing tender ballads, Tyler Childers has been a mainstay in countless weddings throughout the length of his career. 

So, to help you take your pick, we’ve listed down 30 of our favorite Tyler Childers wedding songs, categorized via: romantic, slow and sentimental, and upbeat.

Strap on those country boots, and we’ll get started!

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Tyler Childers' Impact On The Industry

Before we dive into the wedding playlist, let’s take a crack at Tyler’s artistry, and how it all contributed to his significant impact on the music industry. A Kentucky native, Childers brings a raw and genuine voice to country music, often drawing inspiration from his rural upbringing. 

Thanks to the heartfelt narratives in his songwriting, Childers’ breakthrough came with his 2017 album, “Purgatory.” Since then, he’s slowly become a prominent Americana and country artist, not only influencing a new generation of artists… but also giving couples plenty of new tunes to add to their wedding playlist!

Chart Performance and Best-Selling Albums

Tyler Childers’ success is reflected in his chart performance and best-selling albums. “Purgatory” marked a turning point in his career, reaching No. 9 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. The album’s standout tracks, such as “Feathered Indians” and “Whitehouse Road,” have become staples in his discography.

His subsequent album, “Country Squire” (2019), further solidified his presence in the country music landscape. The album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart, a testament to the widespread appeal of Childers’ music. 

So, if you want a sprinkling of Childers’ soulful ballads and foot-stomping anthems in your wedding, then keep reading to find our top picks!

Romantic Tyler Childers Wedding Songs

Let’s start with Childers’ bread and butter, which are his own brand of romantic songs. Whether you need a song to graciously walk down the aisle to or looking for a tender ballad for your first dance with your partner, these songs should carry you all the way through the ceremony. 

For example, “Lady May” talks about deep affection and commitment, while “All Your’n” is an intimate track that’s perfect for slow dances. Meanwhile, “Nose on the Grindstone” is perfect for anybody who wants a touch of nostalgia in their wedding song. 

  1. “Lady May” (2017)
  2. “All Your’n” (2019)
  3. “House Fire” (2019)
  4. “Ever Lovin’ Hand” (2011)
  5. “Shake the Frost” (2017)
  6. “Nose on the Grindstone” (2017)
  7. “Matthew” (2011)
  8. “Feathered Indians” (2017)
  9. “In Your Love” (2019)
  10. “Creeker” (2018)
A couple sharing drinks while listening to Tyler Childers wedding songs.

Slow and Sentimental Tyler Childers Wedding Songs

Like the ocean, a good wedding is all about the ebb and flow, which means that you will also need some lighter moments to contrast all the loud celebrations for the happy couple. In that case, these slow Tyler Childers wedding songs should help fill in the gaps, adding just the right amount of reflectiveness and sentimentality to give everybody a breather. 

  1. “Follow You to Virgie” (2011)
  2. “Purgatory” (2017)
  3. “Banded Clovis” (2017) 
  4. “Peace of Mind” (2019)
  5. “Gemini” (2017)
  6. “William Hill” (2011)
  7. “Hard Times” (2017)
  8. “Charleston Girl” (2011)
  9. “Feathered Indians (Acoustic)” (2019)
  10. “I Swear (To God)” (2011) 

Upbeat Tyler Childers Wedding Songs

If the slow and romantic songs above are the pull, then these upbeat wedding songs by Tyler Childers are the push, as it’s time to party! Handpicked to fill up your reception party playlist, these upbeat and rocking Tyler Childers songs should liven up the night, all while you celebrate the start of a new chapter in your life! 

  1. “Whitehouse Road” (2017)
  2. “Country Squire” (2019)
  3. “Honky Tonk Flame” (2017)
  4. “Bus Route” (2011)
  5. “Born Again” (2019)
  6. “Shake The Frost” (2015)
  7. “Universal Sound” (2017)
  8. “Redneck Romeo” (2011)
  9. “Matthew (Full Band)” (2011)
  10. “House Fire (Acoustic)” (2019)
A newlywed couple walking up the aisle after the ceremony.

FAQ Section About Tyler Childers Wedding Songs

Are Tyler Childers’ songs suitable for all wedding themes?

Of course! As a country star, Tyler Childers has penned plenty of tunes that are versatile and can complement a range of wedding themes. Whether you’re having a rustic barn wedding or a more formal affair, there’s something you can find in his massive discography. 

What’s the best Tyler Childers song for a first dance?

“Lady May” is a popular choice for a first dance, thanks to its romantic lyrics and ballad elements. Of course, the final choice is still up to you and what song of his you best resonate with. 

How can I incorporate Tyler Childers’ music into my wedding without it feeling too country?

Opt for acoustic versions or covers of Tyler Childers’ songs to provide a softer, more subdued ambiance. Additionally, consider using instrumental versions during key moments like the ceremony to add some extra variety!

A newlywed couple at the reception table.

Pro-Tips on Picking Tyler Childers Wedding Songs

  • Understand the Lyrics – Tyler Childers’ strength lies best in his storytelling. As such, choose songs whose lyrics resonate with your love story and reflect the emotions you want to convey.

  • Consider Acoustic Versions, Remixes, or Mashups – Acoustic renditions of Tyler Childers’ songs can add a softer, more intimate touch to your wedding, especially during the ceremony or cocktail hour. Meanwhile, being open to remixes or mashups can add an extra layer of personalization to your wedding playlist.
  • Add Other Country Artists – If you don’t want to add remixes but still want some variety in your wedding playlist, then consider adding other country artists that are just as influential. There’s far too many to count, but our personal recommendations go to faves like Luke Combs, Jason Aldean, Alan Jackson, and even the boss himself, Bruce Springsteen!
  • Personalize the Playlist – Select songs that hold personal significance to you as a couple. Whether it’s the song you first danced to or a track that encapsulates a shared memory, make sure to fill up your playlist with songs that really hit close to home for you and your partner!
  • Ask for Recommendations – Of course, your wedding DJ likely has experience curating playlists for previous events. So, don’t hesitate to ask for any recommendations, whether they’re Tyler Childers songs or not. You never know, you might find an unexpected hidden gem in the process!
  • Trust Your DJ’s Expertise – Finally, trust your DJ’s abilities and expertise! You hired them after all, so communicate your preferences and just let them work their magic behind the booth, so you can focus on you and your partner instead! 
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And there you have it, our favorite Tyler Childers wedding songs for the perfect ceremony! Whether you just discovered his discography or you’ve been jamming to his country tunes since forever, we hope our list was helpful in the curation of your wedding soundtrack. 

And just in case you still haven’t found the perfect wedding DJ to play your favorite wedding songs by Tyler Childers, then let our team at DJing.ca help you! 

As the largest DJ company in Canada, we only work with the top 1% of DJs in the industry, and all of them are excited to help you realize the full potential of your big day! 

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So, simply fill up our quote form and we’ll take it from there! Wishing you all the best in your upcoming nuptials! 

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