40 Heart-Tugging jason Aldean Wedding Songs For Your Special Day

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A newlwed couple taking photos in the woods, all while their favorite Jason Aldean wedding songs are playing.


Word on the street is that you’ve officially taken your relationship to the next level by getting hitched soon, so we just want to say congratulations! 

Now, let’s talk wedding music, because we think your playlist won’t be complete without the best Jason Aldean wedding songs to make your day extra special! (why else would you be here?) 

Country jams are a staple for many weddings, and with Mr. Aldean cooking up some of the best in the industry, it’s easy to see why his songs have been the soundtrack of many couples joining at the altar. That said, Jason Aldean himself has been dominating the country charts since forever, so it can be quite tricky to find the best jams for your big day. 

But, since we’re going for gold here, we went ahead and listed down 40 of our favorite wedding songs by Jason Aldean for you! We even categorized them by romantic, slow and sentimental, reflective, and upbeat. 

Alright, no time to waste, let’s get right to it!

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What Is Jason Aldean’s Impact In Country And Wedding Music?

To sum Jason Aldean’s impact in both country and wedding music: it’s big. Like, really big. But if we’re going to delve in deeper as to why, it’s all thanks to his powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics! For well over two decades, the country star has managed to capture the essence of love, heartbreak, and everything in between with his songs, making him a natural choice for countless wedding playlists. 

His impressive chart history is also proof of his talent, as Aldean has consistently dominated the charts with his work. To date, 4 of his albums (Rearview Town, My Kinda Party, 9, and Night Train) has reached the #1 spot in Billboard’s Top Country Albums. 

His singles “Dirt Road Anthem,” “Burnin’ It Down,” and “You Make It Easy” have also not only reached the #1 spot (in the years 2011, 2014, and 2018, respectively) in the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart but has also crossed over into mainstream success, all thanks to his ability to blend traditional country with modern sounds.

In fact, this versatility is also part of what makes his songs work so well for couples that are planning their wedding, even if they’re not necessarily the biggest country music fans. And now, it looks like you’re also joining the fray, so let’s take a look at our personal favorite Jason Aldean wedding songs!

A couple exchanging vows at a ceremony where our one of our DJs played jason aldean wedding songs.

Romantic Jason Aldean Wedding Songs

Heartfelt love songs are to country stars like peanut butter is to jelly, they just go well together! Matter of fact, they go MORE than well together, as these romantic wedding songs by Jason Aldean are the perfect soundtrack for walking down the aisle! 

Just imagine Jason’s voice serenading you with “my better half, my savin’ grace, you make me who I wanna be” as you slowly join your partner at the altar! 

  1. “You Make It Easy” (2018)
  2. “Don’t You Wanna Stay” (with Kelly Clarkson) (2010)
  3. “Any Ol’ Barstool” (2016)
  4. “Do You Wish It Was Me” (2010)
  5. “The Truth” (2009)
  6. “A Little More Summertime” (2016)
  7. “First Time Again” (with Kelsea Ballerini) (2016)
  8. “Asphalt Cowboy” (2005)
  9. “I Ain’t Ready to Quit” (2010)
  10. “I Don’t Do Lonely Well” (2010)

Slow and Sentimental Jason Aldean Wedding Songs

Need the perfect song for your first dance? Well then, these slow and sentimental Jason Aldean songs for a wedding should do the trick. From the content sighs that Jason Aldean gives in “Good to Go” to the nostalgia that “Laughed Until We Cried” brings, these songs are the perfect soundtrack for whispering sweet nothings to your partner as you slow dance in the middle of the dance floor, happy in each other’s arms. ❤️

  1. “Why” (2005)
  2. “Big Green Tractor” (2009)
  3. “The Heartache That Don’t Stop Hurting” (2009)
  4. “Good to Go” (2009)
  5. “Laughed Until We Cried” (2007)
  6. “If She Could See Me Now” (2014)
  7. “In Case You Don’t Remember” (2016)
  8. “Back In This Cigarette” (2007)
  9. “I Break Everything I Touch” (2010)
  10. “Black Tears” (2016)
A couple taking nice photos while their favorite jason aldean wedding songs are playing in the background.

Reflective Jason Aldean Wedding Songs

You may have dreamed of this day ever since you were a kid, but you might also find yourself taking a quick second to look at everything you’ve gone through to reach this magical moment (including all the hectic wedding planning!) 

So, in case you find yourself reflecting on that, then these songs should serve your wedding playlist well, if only to help you realize the scope of what you achieved, and the next magical chapter with your partner that’s about to unfold.

  1. “The Only Way I Know” (with Luke Bryan and Eric Church) (2012)
  2. “Fly Over States” (2012)
  3. “Fast Lanes” (2007)
  4. “I Believe in Ghosts” (2014)
  5. “See You When I See You” (2005)
  6. “Tattoos on This Town” (2010)
  7. “Too Fast” (2009)
  8. “I Don’t Drink Anymore” (2019)
  9. “Got What I Got” (2019)
  10. “Champagne Town” (2014)

Upbeat Jason Aldean Wedding Songs

Need some real bangers to open the reception party? Well, Jason Aldean’s your man! From classic country toe-tappers like “My Kinda Party” to the bright, roaring guitar riffs of “Gonna Know We Were Here,” these songs will add just the right amount of country charm and feel-good emotions to your reception party! (better get those cowboy hats ready too) 

  1. “My Kinda Party” (2010)
  2. “Take a Little Ride” (2012)
  3. “Gonna Know We Were Here” (2015)
  4. “They Don’t Know” (2016)
  5. “Amarillo Sky” (2005)
  6. “She’s Country” (2008)
  7. “Hicktown” (2005)
  8. “Johnny Cash” (2014)
  9. “Lights Come On” (2016)
  10. “We Back” (2019)
A couple taking photos on their wedding day.

FAQ Section About Jason Aldean Wedding Songs

Why are Jason Aldean songs popular for weddings?

Jason Aldean’s songs are popular for weddings due to their relatable lyrics, diverse themes, and emotional depth, often pulling from real-life experiences. Whether capturing the excitement of a new relationship or reflecting on enduring love, Aldean’s music resonates easily with couples.

Which Jason Aldean song is the most popular for weddings?

You Make It Easy” is often considered one of the most popular Jason Aldean songs for weddings (especially for walking down the aisle or first dances), thanks to its relatable, heartfelt lyrics and timeless melody.

Are Jason Aldean songs suitable for both traditional and modern weddings?

Absolutely. Whether you’re having a traditional ceremony, a modern wedding, or even a country-themed one, Jason Aldean’s versatility allows his songs to complement just about any of these settings. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he provides enough variety in his discography, releasing everything from classic ballads to upbeat singalongs.

A couple riding away on a horse-drawn carriage.

Things to Consider When Picking Jason Aldean Wedding Songs

Personal Connection – If you’re already a Jason Aldean fan, then you probably already have your favorites that you can add to your playlist! After all, this is your big day, and one way to make it better is by filling it with songs you already know and love. 

Danceability – For the reception, choose upbeat songs that guests can enjoy dancing to. Make sure to collaborate with your wedding DJ here as well, as they most likely know how to balance the playlist to keep the party going! 

Theme and Mood – Consider the overall theme and mood of your wedding to ensure the songs complement the atmosphere. Do you want it to be more traditional? Or more fun with plenty of activities and games? Either way, make sure the songs fit. 

Lyrics – Pay attention to the lyrics to ensure they convey the emotions and sentiments you want for each part of the ceremony. You may love Jason Aldean, but you certainly don’t want him going on about heartbreak while you’re having your moment walking down the aisle! 

Add Some Variety – While you may want to add all the Jason Aldean songs you want to your wedding playlist, we’re sure your guests will also appreciate some variety. And just in case you want to stick to country crooners, then adding artists like Alan Jackson, Luke Combs, and Tim McGraw should be more than welcome. 

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In conclusion, creating the perfect wedding playlist is a fun process, and with the right Jason Aldean’s wedding songs, you can add that distinct country and feel-good charm that’s been missing all along in your big day! 

From romantic ballads to lively anthems, we hope these 40 Jason Aldean wedding songs are enough to fill up your wedding playlist, and we also hope it made your planning just a tad bit easier.

But just in case you don’t have a wedding DJ yet for your big day, then why not work with us at DJing.ca? As Canada’s largest DJ company, we only work with 1% of the top DJs in the industry, all of which help maintain our stellar 5-star rating through the 1000+ events we have performed at. 

And just to make your wedding planning a little more easier, we also offer videography and photography services at incredible rates! 

So, simply reach out to us or fill up our quote form and we’ll immediately be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you and wishing you all the best in your upcoming nuptials! 

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