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6 Unexpected Ways Vancouver Wedding DJ Can Give You Better Event

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6 Unexpected Ways Vancouver Wedding DJ Can Give You Better Event

This is the perfect opportunity to get your wedding day started right! You are looking for a professional Vancouver Wedding DJ who will provide the best music and entertainment at your event. This person should be able to make it fun without being too loud or annoying. They need to know how to mix up different types of songs so they can fit them into different moods. You want this person to also have an eye for detail when it comes time for photos and videos. They must be able to tell the difference between a good shot and one that doesn’t look as good.

You don’t want this person to just play music, but they also need to know how to do other things like setting up lighting, changing out cameras, etc…

A Vancouver wedding DJ’s job isn’t done until after the guests leave. You’re going to pay extra for someone who knows what they are doing and has been working in this field for years.

Here are the things that a Vancouver Wedding DJ should be able to do for your wedding:

Music and entertainment

You want to hear the best types of music at your wedding. This should include all generations and all genres. The music at your wedding should make people want to dance and have a good time. If you’ve been to a typical wedding in the past, then there is a good chance that the music wasn’t as good as you hoped it would be.

The best Vancouver wedding DJs know how to read the crowd and adjust their song choices to keep people on the dance floor. They can sense when a song isn’t going over well with the crowd. If this happens, they have numerous backup songs they can switch to without skipping a beat.

Upgraded lighting

Many people don’t realize this, but weddings need different types of lighting them. You want your DJ to have the ability to control lights during your event. There are going to be times when you want to have lights on the crowd and other times when you just want them pointed directly at the bride and groom. A good DJ can use colors and effects with these lights to make your wedding even more special. You might even have certain colors highlighting certain parts of your wedding to give it that extra pop.

You also want someone who is able to operate lights indoors or outdoors depending on where your wedding is taking place. They can put lights on the dance floor or hide them in special lighting fixtures to give it that extra oomph.

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Filmed and photographed

You want your wedding photos and videos to be unique and worth looking at years from now. A good DJ can help with this process by telling guests when to get out their cameras and phones for candid shots. They can help direct professional photographers and videographers so they get the best quality photos and footage.

They should have the technology to project photos and videos during your wedding. This way, everyone can enjoy seeing them on TV-sized screens rather than tiny little cellphone screens. They should also be able to keep guests from having to memorize their favorite moments and songs of the night.

You can even get video and photo booths from Vancouver DJs like this website. This is a great way to capture people’s attention at your event. You can make them a smaller extra cost added to your wedding.

Singers and artists:

You may want to have a live singer or even a small band as entertainment at your wedding. Your DJ will be able to coordinate with them to make your wedding amazing. They can have breaks at certain times and help with the flow of your wedding so you don’t have dead air space or awkward time transitions.

Remember you are dealing with artists here so the ego can sometimes be a problem. It’s important that your wedding stay on schedule and not run overtime. Your DJ can keep this from happening if they have a good relationship with the people they work with most often.

Lighting control

Some weddings require the use of lighting, especially outside weddings once the sun goes down. You want your DJ to have an easy time controlling these lights by themselves. They should come with special programs and software that make it easy to change colors and patterns.

They should also be easy to program so your DJ doesn’t have to spend hours setting them up before your wedding.

Bold and adventurous

You want a DJ who isn’t afraid to try something new. You don’t want someone who is going to play it safe all the time. They need to be able to read the crowd and know what songs to play when. They should keep everyone on the floor and keep them there all night.

You may want a specific theme for your wedding. It may even be a complete surprise to you. A good Vancouver Wedding DJ will be able to keep those surprises hidden so you and your guests have an amazing experience.

Most couples have great expectations for their wedding DJs.

They should because weddings are a once in a lifetime event. Make sure your DJ is up to the challenge and equipped for the job. You want them to be able to control the flow without you even having to get involved at all times. You should feel confident handing over the reigns to them as your wedding day progresses.

This will free you up to keep your family and friends in line and have fun. A good wedding DJ can make or break your wedding. Make sure you choose someone reputable and experienced. If you put the right person in charge, your wedding is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

You can be that amazing wedding DJ that everyone talks about for years to come. All you need is the proper training and a few vital tools of the trade. You can start your journey to becoming a wedding master by following the link in this article.

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