7 Ultimate Guide To Event Lighting | Vancouver DJ

7 Ultimate Guide To Event Lightning | Vancouver DJ

With so much useless information on the internet about what lighting to get, it’s often easy to get confused. There’s no need! This guide is the only advice from Vancouver DJ company, you need to pick the right dance lighting to make your event perfect. Our Vancouver DJ advice to follow these instructions and you’ll have everything you need.

Vancouver DJ Uplighting

Probably the most well known, the most commonly used type of event lighting is uplighting. A small can light or LED light is placed up against the wall, evenly spaced all around the room, giving the space a nice ‘glow’. There are generally a variety of different colors that you can choose from.

The DJing.ca Best Light:


are often recognized and used as a custom logo (we can make these for you) or is a monogram projected onto the wall or dance floor, as you can see in these images directly below. They can also be used as a pattern that is projected multiple times to cover a large surface area and create texture and drama to your venue. Just imagine a small stencil that is placed in front of a spotlight, which then projects your desired image onto whatever surface you’d like!

Vancouver DJ Gobo light

2. Spot Lights

A narrow, intense beam of light directly on a place or person. When coupled with a haze machine, you can see the whole beam (explained further on).

3. Moon Lighting

A popular movement light designed to project multiple different patterns and styles in many colors.

4. LED Disco Ball

An LED Disco Ball will rotate and switch colors, adding excitement to the dance floor, similar to the appearance of a disco ball reflecting light.

Vancouver DJ Lighting
5. Movement Lighting

Moving lights are not stationary. That may seem ridiculously simple but that is the essence of their functionality. They are constantly changing their properties, such as light, intensity, color, location, sharpness, texture, and come in many forms.

Vancouver DJ have a few examples here:

  • Lasers – Laser lights create a narrow beam of light and create some of the most interesting and stunning light effects.
  • Strobe Lights – Strobes produce bright light in a similar way to on-camera flash. They differ in that they’re brighter, they produce extremely short bursts of light, and they recharge quickly. WARNING: Strobes may cause photosensitive epilepsy.
  • Multi-Effect Lighting – You can also rent multi-purpose lights that have wash & movement effects, lasers, strobes & more – all in one.

6. Wash Lights – A “wash” is a general “fill” of light and colour evenly across the stage. The main function of wash lights is to provide different colour and ambience light, not the movement. While there are many different wash lights, here is our favourite.
*Wash Light Bar – A light bar or two will provide you with the necessary colour to create the perfect atmosphere.

7. Fog Machine – A fog machine, fog generator, or smoke machine is a device that emits a dense vapor that appears similar to fog or smoke.

There are 3 particular types you need to know about.

  1. Regular Fog Machine – In a regular fog machine, the vapor rises to the ceiling due to the heat and creates a cloudy ambiance before dissipating.
  2. Low Lying Fog Machine – A low lying fog machine uses dry ice to cool the fog, allowing it to remain near the floor, to give the appearance as though you’re walking on air.
  3. Haze Machine – haze machines are used to complement other lighting effects. They produce a much finer and less noticeable effect than smoke or low fog machines, as they are designed to emphasize the effects of lighting allowing you to see rays and patterns you would not normally see.
Vancouver DJ. Regular Fog Machine

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