8 Best Adele Wedding Songs For A Heartfelt Celebration

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And just when you thought picking the perfect song for your first dance couldn’t get any trickier, in walks Adele, the queen of heart-wrenching ballads that can make even the toughest of souls shed a tear. With so many beautiful tunes to choose from, how can you find the perfect Adele wedding songs for your big day?

In this article, we’ve selected eight of the superstar’s best songs for weddings. See which ones made our list, plus other tips you’ll need when choosing the perfect song – or songs!

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Top 8 Wedding Songs By Adele

Love is in the air, and what better way to set the stage for your wedding day than with the soulful melodies of Adele? These top wedding songs by Adele were handpicked based on criteria such as their popularity as the most requested tunes, their time-tested appeal for weddings, and, of course, their ability to tug at the heartstrings just right.

1. Make You Feel My Love (2008)

Make You Feel My Love is a soulful ballad originally written by Bob Dylan and covered by Adele on her debut album “19.” The song is a heartfelt expression of love, where Adele assures her partner that she is willing to go to great lengths and make sacrifices just to make them feel loved and appreciated. Pretty fitting when tying the knot, right?

2. When We Were Young (2015)

This Adele wedding song reflects on the passage of time and the bittersweet memories of youth. Adele sings about encountering an old friend and reminiscing about the days when they were carefree and full of dreams. If your partner happens to be your childhood friend too, you might want to add this to your playlist.

3. Sweetest Devotion (2015)

This wedding song by Adele is a celebration of the deep and enduring love she feels for her son. It explores the profound connection and joy that comes with motherhood, expressing the idea that her child is the “sweetest devotion” in her life. This makes it a great song for a mother and son dance. 

4. One and Only (2011)

In this song, Adele expresses a longing for a deep and genuine connection with a romantic partner. The lyrics convey a sense of vulnerability and the desire to be someone’s one and only true love. What else is a more perfect song to play when you’ve finally found the one?
Guests partying to Adele wedding songs

5. Remedy (2015)

This Adele wedding song is a declaration of unwavering support and reassurance to a loved one during difficult times. Adele expresses her commitment to being a source of comfort and stability, serving as a remedy for her partner’s troubles. And of course, you know what they say – a union should be for better or for worse!

6. Lovesong (2011)

Lovesong is a cover of The Cure’s classic track, featured on Adele’s “21” album. The song is a declaration of love, with Adele conveying her deep emotions and commitment to her romantic partner. The arrangement brings a soulful and heartfelt touch to the original song. Perfect if you have an intimate wedding ceremony. 

7. Daydreamer (2008)

This Adele wedding song has a dreamy and introspective quality, capturing the essence of Adele’s early songwriting style. It explores themes of longing and daydreaming about a potential romantic connection. No need to be a daydreamer though, the dream of finding the love of your life has finally come true for you!

8. Skyfall (2012)

Skyfall is the theme song for the James Bond film of the same name. It combines Adele’s powerful vocals with orchestral elements, creating a sense of mystery and intrigue. The lyrics allude to the themes of risk and loyalty associated with the iconic spy character. It’s a perfect exit song if you want something classy yet epic. 

Tips to Choose the Right Adele Wedding Song

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Planning your wedding involves many decisions, and one crucial aspect is selecting the perfect soundtrack.

  • Rewind to Your Greatest Hits: Think back to those ‘aww’ moments in your relationship – your first date, that spontaneous road trip, or even just a lazy Sunday morning. Remember the song that played in the background? That might just be your Adele wedding song waiting to happen!
  • Pick Your Musical Vibe: Are you leaning towards a slow sway or a dance floor extravaganza? Adele has you covered. Consider the vibe you want for each wedding moment. An emotional first dance? “Turning Tables” might be your jam. Need a dance floor anthem? Hello, “Rumour Has It”!
  • Trust Your Gut:  In the end, trust your instincts. Go with the song that makes your heart skip a beat. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to love and music. So, trust your gut, choose the Adele wedding song that feels like ‘you,’ and let the songs carry you into marital bliss.

Why Play Adele Songs at Your Wedding?

Your wedding day is all about love, and nothing sets the mood like Adele’s wedding songs. They’re like a warm hug for your ears and heart. Here’s why you should play Adele at your wedding:

Bride and bridesmaids dancing to Adele wedding songs

1. Feel-Good Lyrics

Adele’s songs are like a warm hug for your heart. When she sings, you feel the love. “Make You Feel My Love” is like her promising to go the extra mile just to make you feel cherished. And “When We Were Young”? It’s like taking a trip down memory lane, but in a really sweet way. The lyrics are relatable, touching, and perfect for a day filled with love.

2. Timeless Style

Adele’s music is like a classic black dress – it never goes out of style. Playing her songs at your wedding is like adding a touch of timeless elegance. “Lovesong” and “One and Only” are like those classic love letters you read over and over. They’re not going out of fashion anytime soon, just like your love.

3. Songs for Every Moment

Adele has a song for every part of your wedding day. Picture “Daydreamer” setting the mood as everyone gets ready. Then, the grand entrance with “Skyfall” making it feel like a blockbuster movie. During the ceremony, “Make You Feel My Love” hits the right notes for your vows, and “Sweetest Devotion” is perfect for that first dance. It’s like Adele wrote the soundtrack to your love story.

4. Everybody Loves It

Adele’s music isn’t just for you – it’s for everyone. Whether your grandma or your little cousin, they’ll all groove to Adele. Her songs have this universal appeal that brings people together. Imagine the dance floor filled with people swaying to the tunes, everyone caught up in the Adele vibe. It’s a musical love fest!

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Final Thoughts

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As we finish talking about why Adele’s songs are perfect for your big day, remember her music adds a magical touch to love-filled moments. It’s all about finding the right tunes that match your personality, wedding theme, and love story. On top of that, there are so many other amazing artists you can check out if you want to complete your wedding playlist. 

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