8 Best Van Morrison Songs To Play At Weddings

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Fellow Van Morrison fan? Oh, you’re just in the right place!

If there’s one thing we love the most it’s definitely weddings (congrats, by the way!). And now we’re on a mission to help you find the best Van Morrison wedding songs to play on your big day!

Make wedding planning easy with this list – find a fave and make your day as memorable as it can be!

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Top 8 Best Van Morrison Wedding Songs

Alrighty, let’s get down to the best part. We did some serious research and chose these eight hits ’cause they’re the best for your big day. We chose these tunes for the following reasons: appeal to various ages, popularity, and timelessness.

Press play and let’s get into these top eight wedding songs by Van Morrison!

1. “Brown-Eyed Girl”

Hey, have you ever heard that catchy tune? It’s like the song that never goes out of style. 🎉 And guess what? This Van Morrison wedding song is fun enough to make people bust out their best dance moves. Grandma, grandpa, your cousins, even your pet might start grooving to this one! 

2. “Moondance"

Dancing under the moonlight? Well, “Moondance” by Van Morrison is like the soundtrack for that moment! 🌙✨This jazzy, mid-tempo tune is all about love and romance. Just don’t get it confused with Michael Jackson’s “Moonwalk” – this song is better suited for a sweet first dance!

3. “Crazy Love”

Are you looking for that heartwarming ballad for your intimate wedding ceremony? Well, “Crazy Love” by Van Morrison is that slow dance anthem you’ve been searching for! This song has that classic Motown vibe that’s ideal for either the ceremony or your first dance. Cue the “awws”! 💖

4. “Into the Mystic"

You know that movie “American Wedding”? Yep, it was Jim and Michelle’s first dance song!  You and your partner gliding across the dance floor—that’s what we imagine whenever we listen to this Van Morrison wedding song. 

Couple drinking while listening to Van Morrison wedding songs

5. “Domino”

This one’s a dance floor magnet at your wedding! It has this super catchy beat that’ll make all of your guests groove along! Just imagine: the beat drops, and suddenly, everyone’s moving and shaking. So, if you want to keep the party going and see smiles all around, this song’s a must!

6. “Come Here My Love”

When Van Morrison sings, “Come here my love,” it’s like he’s inviting you to join him in this beautiful, dreamy place. You can almost feel the passion in every note he sings! 😍 This song’s a must-have for those moments when you just want to slow, quiet dance with your special someone. 

7. “Someone Like You”

Oh, “Someone Like You” is a soulful, heartfelt tune. You know those lyrics that hit you right in the feels? This song’s full of them! We hope you’re prepared to shed a tear or two while listening to this song – we already are. 🤧

8. “You Make Me Feel So Free”

Now, this Van Morrison wedding song’s not about those big, dramatic love moments. Nope, it’s about the everyday stuff – the moments that make you go, “Ah, that’s what love’s all about!” 

Why are Van Morrison Songs Perfect for Weddings?

Van Morrison offers a mix of songs that’ll make your grandma smile and your besties break out their coolest moves. Whether it’s slow dances or the wild ‘let’s party like there’s no tomorrow’ moments, you’ll find a perfect match. 

The Northern Irish singer-songwriter and musician is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential artists in the history of rock and soul music. Some of his best awards include the 1996 Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for “Have I Told You Lately” and the 1994 Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music.

Plus, Van Morrison’s tracks aren’t just for your parents’ generation. They’re timeless tracks that everybody can relate to. Trust us, even your little cousin who’s glued to their phone will find themselves tapping their foot along. 

Things to Remember When Picking Van Morrison Songs

There are so many Van Morrison songs for weddings but not all of them may be ideal for your wedding theme. If you’re having a tough time making a decision, here are some tips to make things a little easier for you.

Guests carrying a baby dancing to Van Morrison wedding songs

Know the Vibes

If you’re choosing a song for the reception, play some Van Morrison tunes and see which ones make you do that funky dance in the kitchen! It’s all about those songs that give you the instant urge to move your feet and groove along. 

Now if you’re looking for tracks for the ceremony or your first dance, search for slow-tempo hits. Additionally, consider the songs where the lyrics resonate with you. Maybe they remind you of your ups and downs or maybe they remind you of your lovely dinners together. Take a trip down memory lane.

Pro Tip: You want songs that feel like you’re in love. Go for tunes that instantly put a smile on your face and make you wiggle your hips without a second thought!

Consider the Lyrics

Listen closely to the words of those Van Morrison songs. If it makes you feel like writing love notes, that’s the one! Look for those lyrics that speak right to your love story. 💕

On the same note, be careful of songs that may not be ideal for songs. We’re talking about heartbreak tunes, my friends – you may want to skip those!

Pro Tip: Settle down with your partner and as you listen, pay attention to those lyrics that make you go, “Oh, that’s just like us!” Do they make you want to grab your partner and dance around the living room, declaring your love to the world (or just to your pet cat)? If yes, then that’s the one!

Is it Wedding-Worthy?

Imagine yourself swaying to different Van Morrison songs. Close your eyes and feel the vibe. Does it make your heart flutter like it’s doing cartwheels? If it feels like the melody to your love story, congratulations! You’ve just found a wedding-worthy tune!

The truth is not all songs are ideal for weddings. If you’re having a hard time with this, you can ask your DJ questions to help decide if they’re appropriate choices. Always consult the professionals when in doubt!

Pro Tip: Think about those moments you want to remember forever—like that first dance or the song that plays as you walk down the aisle. Go for songs that feel like they were written just for you and your sweetheart! 🎵😍

Final Thoughts

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We hope we’re able to help you pick the right Van Morrison song for your wedding. We love helping couples out so we’re glad you spent this journey with us.

Here at DJing.ca, we’re not just any DJ squad. We’ve rocked over 1,000 events, leaving behind a trail of five-star ratings like confetti! You’ve got the playlist, now all you need is that DJ who knows how to spin these Van Morrison classics like a pro!

The best part? We also offer photography and videography services. That means you don’t need to search far and wide for these vendors – we already have them!

Interested in what we can offer? Contact DJing.ca for a quote and let’s turn your wedding into a legendary bash that’ll have everyone talking! 📞💫

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