Best Type of Vancouver DJ For Wedding & Corporate Events

Vancouver DJ For Wedding & Corporate Events

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Hiring the right Vancouver DJ is an amazing way to make or break your wedding day. It can also make or break a corporate party. And while it is not exactly the same as a medical doctor saving lives, it is an art that produces life-long memories. To do that, you need a good DJ.

What type of Vancouver DJ do you need?

Certainly not just ANYONE. You want a good one. The best one you can get. After all, this is your wedding or corporate event we are talking about. We are not just talking about a night out at the club. Those are fun and all but tonight is about something much more important to you and your guest of honor. I am talking about the type of dedication to excellence that you will get from

Amazing Wedding and Corporate events for over 15 years

As a matter of fact, I have been serving Greater Vancouver and surrounding areas for a long time. In this time, I have serviced over 1,000 wedding events! And counting! And I am going to be completely honest with you. I am really, REALLY good at what I do. So good that sometimes people don’t even know if I am a real DJ or a paid actor because the job is so convincing.

Why you should hire the right type of DJ?

So you’re probably thinking to yourself right now: Why should I hire the best instead of settling for something cheap and cheerful? Well, in all honestly, you shouldn’t. If all you want is something cheap and cheerful then that is fine too. Every marriage or corporate event is different and everybody has their own set of priorities. But what if I were to tell you that the right Vancouver DJ could save your relationship or boost your business to a whole other level? Well… It’s true!

For your convenience, I have listed below some of the reasons why you should really consider hiring the best and what can happen if you don’t.

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  1. You don’t want the cops called on you for disturbing the peace! Unfortunately, this has been a problem at a lot of weddings that don’t feature a DJ. The guests are having so much fun that they start getting a little bit too rowdy and the neighbors call the police on you. Hopefully, this will never happen to you or your guests but it has happened before and it can happen again if you don’t have the best!
  2. You want your wedding or event to be memorable and fun! You want your guests to walk away from this event with great memories and stories to tell for years (decades…). And while you can hope for this to happen by providing cheap, cheerful entertainment I can almost guarantee that this isn’t going to happen. In fact, you are just taking the chance that it won’t happen. But with the right professional, it WILL happen. I am so good that your guests will always remember this wedding as the “great one” for as long as they live!
  3. You don’t want to take any chances with your wedding. This is easily the biggest and most important event of your life so far! And if you don’t have the best, it can easily become the biggest regret of your life. I am so good that you really won’t have much to worry about! Once I am in charge of the music, I will take care of everything for you. You won’t have to lift a finger (except maybe for dancing).
    And finally…
  4. You don’t want to be that loser that had to have his dad DJ his wedding. Unfortunately, I have seen this happen before and it is 100% sad every time. Dads just do not have the style or energy to keep a party going all night long. If you don’t believe me, go talk to somebody who had to experience this travesty first hand. They will be able to give you a first-hand account and thank your lucky stars that you aren’t in their shoes!

So go ahead and consider ALL of the above points if you must but remember this: The best Dj in the world is only a phone call away, why risk the chance of anything going wrong by saving a little money in the process? This is a BIG event and it deserves nothing less than the best DJ there is. is the right choice so go ahead and call now to make a free quote! Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime! Call us at (778) 899-2536 now!

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Yet this way of thinking is wrong… But why?

Because by failure to commit to something, the best options available become unavailable. What we thought was a sure thing, ends up becoming a missed opportunity. Through our deliberate action of inaction, we’re soon presented with second-tier options. Options that you wish you could’ve avoided in the first place. But you’ve already committed to the idea of hiring a DJ, so you end up going through with it anyway, and you choose whoever is available because you don’t want to completely miss out. But you know in your heart it didn’t feel like the right choice. And when the money is spent, and the performance is over, you’re disappointed. And you tell yourself: never again. Yet just like a teenager who claims to never drink again after binge drinking the night before, we end up in a cycle of never committing, and always being stuck with bad alternatives. Deep down inside, we’re unhappy. And we’re left with regret.

Amazing opportunities don't last long. only performs at 125 corporate events per year,  and performs in front of companies such as McLaren, FlyOver Canada, and ActiveState. As we get more referrals each year, the number of calls & emails continues to grow. 

And with good reason.

Having a 100% satisfaction rate, we keep getting referrals. That’s what happens when you are Vancouver’s best DJs.

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We spent an entire year, or 4,000+ hours (yes, we’re work-a-holics) searching through 350 DJs, only to find the top 15 that met our expectations based on personality, experience, and professionalism. If any DJ doesn’t receive a 5/5 star rating from clients (just like yourself), they do not meet the requirements of our contract and can no longer work with us.

And here’s the kicker…

To date we haven’t had to remove anyone.

If you want your event to be truly amazing, don’t hesitate. Fill out the form, we’re here to help. Let’s work together to make your vision come to life.

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