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Here at DJing.ca, we pride ourselves in delivering exceptional DJ services for all sorts of parties and events, and we recently had the chance to do just that for a video game company! So, just in case you like video games just as much as us, check out this 5-star DJing review from one of our previous clients! 

So, let’s start by taking a step back in November 2023, when the sun dipped below the horizon to cast a warm glow over the Croatian Cultural Centre, right in the heart of Vancouver, Canada. On that day, our top DJ services are represented by resident expert DJ Andy, who is tasked with covering Demonware’s much-anticipated company party!

Guests having fun while one of our DJs is playing.

As guests started arriving one by one at the venue, they were greeted by the pulsating sounds of DJ Andy’s carefully curated playlist! Much like a wedding’s reception party, our resident top DJ curated a mix of upbeat tunes and mellow melodies, setting the perfect ambiance for the evening’s celebrations. Attendees mingled under the soft glow of string lights, enjoying cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, all while our music kept the mood up! It’s a video game development company party, after all!  

One of DJ Andy’s (and well, all of our DJs!) standout qualities is his ability to gauge the crowd’s vibe and adjust the musical tempo accordingly. During networking sessions and casual conversations, smooth jazz and soulful rhythms filled the air, creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. As the night progressed and the energy levels soared, DJing seamlessly transitioned into high-energy tracks, igniting the dance floor and encouraging guests to showcase their moves!

Guests having fun at the party before giving us DJing reviews.

In a word, the whole place felt electric! Requests (and a DJing review or two!) flooded in, ranging from beloved classics like Motown tunes to the latest hits, and DJ Andy skillfully integrated these selections into the mix, keeping the energy levels high and the dance floor packed. This personalized approach ensured that no guest felt left behind! 

Throughout the evening, DJ Andy showcased more of his skills through his flawless transitions and impeccable timing. From the grand entrance of Demonware’s leadership team to the announcement of awards and recognitions, the music served as a dynamic backdrop, enhancing each moment and making the whole event feel more alive! 

And that’s not all, as one of the night’s highlights is DJ Andy inviting guests to participate in spontaneous dance-offs and karaoke sessions, eliciting cheers and laughter from all around!

One of our DJs performing.

As the evening drew to a close, DJ Andy crafted a finale that was nothing short of spectacular. He curated a playlist of feel-good anthems and crowd favorites, culminating in an eruption of cheers and applause as Demonware’s team members took to the dance floor one last time, celebrating the success of the event. We even heard plenty of DJing reviews and feedback from guests around this time. 

Reflecting on the night, one of Demonware’s members, Klaudia, took us aside to provide some wonderful feedback! After a quick introduction beside a Jurassic Park pinball machine (great game btw), she said: “We had DJ Andy DJing at our holiday party this year and it went amazing! Planning with DJing.ca was awesome, and it was such a good time. He let the whole room light up, and let everyone just let loose and it was awesome. So thank you DJ Andy so much!”

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Short but sweet, just how we like it! DJings review and testimonials like these are the reason why we do what we do, and what excites us with every new client that wants to work with us! After all, music is one of the most important factors of any celebration, so we’re here to make sure you get nothing but the best for your own!

So, in case you’re also planning your very own party or celebration soon, don’t forget to hit us up at DJing.ca. As the premier provider of DJ services here in Vancouver and beyond, we’re always eager to work with any client who needs our help, thanks to our top-rated Vancouver DJs, high-quality equipment, and leading customer service.

So, hit us up for a quote, and we’ll be right with you to show where those DJing reviews come from! 

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