The Cost Of A Wedding DJ In Montreal: Everything You Need to Know

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So, word on the block is that you’re getting hitched soon (congrats by the way!) in good ol’ Montreal, which means that you will definitely need a wedding DJ to round up your entertainment needs! After all, you want entertainment that will enhance the flow of your big day, and a wedding DJ is definitely the person to turn to for such needs! That said, how much is the cost of a wedding DJ in Montreal? 

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve gone ahead and crunched the numbers ourselves to give you the average Montreal wedding DJ cost, along with the factors that contribute to that overall price and tips to keep in mind when hiring one (hey, we need to make sure you get the absolute bang for your buck!)

With that, let’s dive right in! 

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Average Cost Of Wedding DJ In Montreal

In a spectrum, the average cost of a wedding DJ in Montreal ranges from around $500 to $2,000 or more. Of course, how much you’ll pay exactly will vary depending on a number of factors, most notably the length of your wedding, what’s included in their set, and the DJ you’re hiring. 

Before you shop around Montreal, here’s the usual range of the pricing: 

  • Low-End Cost of Wedding DJ in Montreal: $500
  • Average Cost of Wedding DJ in Montreal: $1,500
  • High-End Cost of Wedding DJ in Montreal: $2,000 (and up!) 

Now that you know the usual ballpark for a Montreal wedding DJ, why does this range exist in the first place? Well, it’s to help you make an informed decision, of course, especially if you plan on allocating a budget and sticking to it.

As such, we recommend talking directly with any potential wedding DJs you may have and discussing all of your expectations and needs before making any decision. This should help you make the most out of your money, which is always a plus in our book!

Now, then, it’s time to look at the factors that go behind all that pricing a.k.a. what you’re paying for. Let’s start! 

Factors Influencing The Cost Of A Wedding DJ In Montreal

A newlywed couple walking together.

Experience And Reputation

When hiring a wedding DJ in Montreal, one of the most notable factors that come into play in terms of pricing is the DJ’s experience and reputation. Why, you may ask? It’s simple! The more experience the DJ has, the higher they can charge! After all, seasoned DJs are already experts at playing to a crowd and knowing what they want, and that skill comes at a price!

What’s more, well-known DJs are also almost always fully booked, so if you want a spot on their calendar, then expect to pay a pretty penny. That said, you don’t always have to book the hottest DJ in the circuit just to make sure your wedding party goes well. There’s plenty of great talent out there, which is why it’s very important to look at a DJ’s portfolio to check whether their skills match the vibe you’re looking for!

Equipment Quality

Much like The Bear’s Carmen Berzatto and his steel knives, the best Montreal wedding DJ also comes fully equipped with good… well, equipment. Of course, all of that equipment comes at a pretty cost, which means that it also factors into the price of your wedding DJ. All that investment isn’t going nowhere, of course, because unless your DJ can play music out of thin air (think we saw a guy do it once… but maybe it’s a dream), then they’re going to need all of that equipment to keep your party going! 

Aside from the typical DJ equipment, additional equipment may also include additional lighting systems, dynamic effects, fog machines, and the like, all of which will contribute to making your big day even bigger!

Duration Of Services

Next up: how long do you need your DJ to spin (not literally, of course!) out there? As a general rule of thumb, the longer their performance (or the duration of your event), then the more pricey it becomes on the good ol’ bank account. That said, there are still factors that will influence the overall cost of your wedding DJ in Montreal. 

For example, while DJs typically charge an hourly rate, a lot of them have a minimum number of hours that you need to hire them for. There’s also the option to purchase a wedding DJ package in Montreal, which usually comes with extra services but isn’t as flexible time-wise. Ultimately, choosing whether you would prefer an hourly rate or a package deal (whether for your wedding DJ or for other services like photography/videography) all depends on your needs and preferences, but make sure to keep comparing! 

A couple getting wed while our wedding DJ in Montreal plays some soft background music.

Customization Requests

Aside from playing you the music you want during your big day, your wedding disc jockey in Montreal is also tasked with adding a personalized touch to that playlist, and that often incurs additional costs. 

For example, you may want a number of unique mixes, accommodating a specific genre, or prefer a tailored playlist for each section of the wedding. All this requires extra time and effort invested on the DJ’s part, so keep this in mind when talking to your potential DJs!

Additional Services

In addition to being the wizard behind the booth, there are also DJs that take any event to the next level by providing supplementary services such as Master of Ceremonies duties, photo booths, or special effects and lighting. 

And while all of these contribute to an enhanced wedding experience, they also come with an additional cost to cover all of the added features.

Wedding Time And Location

Finally the last factor that contributes to the cost of a wedding DJ in Montreal is the time and location. Of course, booking your wedding in the summer (which is considered the peak season with everyone else deciding to tie the knot) would incur higher fees from the DJ. This is why if you do decide to wed in the summer, you need to book your wedding DJ at least months in advance to better secure your slot. 

And then there’s also the location/venue. Typically, if your wedding DJ has to travel far to reach the venue, then additional charges may be included in the fee. In some cases, you might even need to pay for an overnight accommodation, especially if your reception party runs late into the night!

A couple walking down the aisle together while our wedding DJ in Montreal is enhancing the event.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding DJs In Montreal (FAQs)

Can I request specific songs for my wedding?

Absolutely! Your wedding DJ should prioritize your song requests. Of course, make sure to discuss your musical preferences with your DJ beforehand to ensure they integrate your favorite tracks seamlessly into the playlist.

How far in advance should I book my wedding DJ?

It is advisable to secure your wedding DJ 6-12 months in advance, particularly if you have a specific DJ in mind. Popular DJs may have limited availability, especially during peak wedding seasons.

Do wedding DJs in Montreal provide their own equipment?

Yes, professional wedding DJs generally come equipped with their own sound systems, microphones, and necessary gear. However, it is essential to confirm these details during the booking process.

Can I meet with the DJ before the wedding?

Yes, many DJs offer consultations to discuss your vision, preferences, and specific details about your wedding. A pre-event meeting helps establish a connection and ensures the DJ is aligned with your expectations.

Tips For Finding The best Wedding DJ In Montreal

A newlywed couple celebrating their union together.

Start Early

The early bird gets the… wedding DJ (?) so make sure you book well in advance! Early bookings increase the likelihood of securing the services of your desired DJ, as well as any potential discounts! 

Read Reviews

Scrutinize online reviews and testimonials to gauge a DJ’s professionalism, reliability, and overall satisfaction of past clients. Always remember that real-world experiences provide valuable insights into a DJ’s performance.

Ask For Recommendations

Seek recommendations from friends, family, or other wedding vendors. Personal referrals often provide trustworthy insights into a DJ’s performance and reliability.

Review Portfolios

Just like we mentioned above, always assess a DJ’s portfolio, including sample playlists and videos from previous events. This helps you gain a better understanding of their style and ability to cater to your preferences.

Clarify Contract Details

Thoroughly review contract terms, including service duration, equipment specifications, and any additional fees for customization or extra services, to avoid any surprises later on.

Check For Backup Plans

Finally, make sure to inquire about the DJ’s contingency plans in case of unexpected circumstances, such as equipment failure or illness. A reliable DJ should have backup solutions to guarantee a seamless event.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the cost of a wedding DJ in Montreal is around $1,500, and whether you pay more or less than that depends on factors like the DJ’s experience, the duration of your wedding, and if any additional services are needed, among others. 

By following these steps, we hope you can not only find the perfect wedding DJ for your big day, but effectively budget and make the most out of your money! 

And just in case you’re finally ready to meet the best wedding DJ to fully elevate the ceremony, then why not work with us here at DJing.ca? As the largest DJ company in Canada, we’re fully committed to providing nothing but top customer service and equipment – and we can’t wait to offer that to you!

We also only work with only the top DJs in the industry, all of which are backed by their years of experience through the 1000+ events we have performed on. 

So, if you’re looking for a DJ company that offers expertise and quality through affordable rates, then we’d love to talk! Reach out to us or request a quote via our form and we’ll immediately be in touch! 

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