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10 Critical Things To Ask A Wedding DJ Before Your Big Day

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Knowing what things to ask a wedding dj before the big day is key to a successful event.


Before anything else, we’d just like to congratulate you on your upcoming nuptials! (Yay, you!) 

You’re probably knee-deep in wedding planning at this moment (hey, no pressure!), ensuring that every detail and decision you make is perfect for your big day.

That said, have you already selected a wedding DJ for the event? Music and entertainment, after all, is key to creating the right atmosphere and mood for your special day. More than that, your DJ will also be in charge of pushing the night forward come the long-awaited wedding reception, so you’ll want to make sure you have the perfect one. 

That’s a big responsibility right there, so to help you vet for the perfect candidate, we made this handy list of crucial things to ask a wedding DJ, along with some additional do’s and don’ts to make sure your big day goes smoothly. 

Now, there’s still a ton of planning left to do, so let’s get started right away!

Table of Contents

1. Experience And Expertise

First and foremost, ask about the DJ’s experience and expertise in wedding entertainment. Inquire about the number of weddings they have performed at and whether they specialize in this particular type of event. 

Through this, you’ll be able to find a seasoned wedding DJ (or two, if you want multiple candidates) that has the professionalism and adaptability required to pull off a successful wedding.

Tip: Ask for references or reviews from past clients to get a sense of the DJ’s performance at previous weddings. If you can get video clips of them performing, then that’s even better!

2. Music Selection And Customization

Next, discuss the DJ’s music selection process and how they tailor their playlists to match the  preferences of their clients.

Can they cover a wide range of genres? And how can they seamlessly incorporate songs that hold sentimental value to you and your partner? You can also ask whether they’re open to making remixes of songs that you want to hear, or possibly check for past wedding playlists they’ve already made. 

Tip: Provide a list of must-play songs and, equally important, a list of songs or genres that you want to steer clear off during your big day.

3. Equipment And Setup

Ensure that the DJ’s equipment is up-to-date and in good condition. Additionally, you can also inquire about the setup process, including their time preparation and the type of backup equipment they have in case of any potential technical issues.

While we surely don’t want any unexpected challenges to happen (fingers crossed!), your wedding DJ should still be well-prepared to handle them in case they arise.

Tip: Check with your venue for any specific requirements or restrictions in terms of setting up equipment, and confirm with your DJ for adjustments, if there are any.

One of our DJs performing at a wedding.

4. Emcee Services And Interaction With Guests

DJs aren’t called the musical wizards behind the curtain (well, the DJ Booth in this case) for nothing, and that’s because the best ones will not only play good music, but also interact and engage with the crowd during reception!

Of course, there are still DJs who don’t include emcee services when you hire them, but we think looking for one that can create a more lively atmosphere would be more bang for your buck.

Tip: Discuss your preferences for the DJ’s level of interaction, whether you want a more reserved approach or a more enthusiastic and lively atmosphere.

5. Coordination With Other Vendors

Communication and coordination are key to a smooth wedding day. That’s why it’s also good to ask your DJ about how they plan to coordinate with other vendors, like the photographer, videographer, and wedding coordinator.

Great thing is, plenty of DJs offer package deals that also come with these services (like us over here at DJing.ca! *wink wink*), making your wedding planning a tad bit easier. 

Tip: Make sure everyone involved (whether your DJ comes with photography and videography services or not) is able to communicate easily leading up to and during the event.

6. Backup Plans And Contingencies

Like we mentioned above, no one wants to think about any potential issues, but it’s better to come prepared, which is why one of the things to ask a wedding DJ is their backup plans for contingencies like equipment failure, power outages, or unexpected emergencies.

Additionally, knowing how your DJ will handle any unexpected issue will also show you how adaptable they really are. 

Tip: Confirm that your DJ has a backup power source and a backup playlist (preferably, with songs that you also chose or picked) in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Wedding reception where one of our DJs is performing.

7. Contract And Pricing Detail

Clearly understand the DJ’s pricing structure and what is included in their services. Ask about any additional fees, such as travel expenses or overtime charges. If the venue is far, the DJ might also ask for a hotel room, which is another additional fee you have to think of. 

Finally, ask for a detailed contract that outlines all of these terms clearly so you can avoid any misunderstandings down the line.

Tip: Make sure the contract specifies the start and end times, as well as the DJ’s responsibilities and limitations.

8. DJ Availability For Pre-Event Meetings

Is your DJ available to meet and discuss before the actual event? Communication, after all, is key to a successful wedding day. So, make sure to meet beforehand to further discuss timelines, preferences, and any last-minute changes. This way, you can see and understand how the DJ plans on fulfilling your vision for the big day. 

Tip: Schedule at least one face-to-face or virtual meeting before the wedding to ensure everyone is on the same page. With DJing.ca for example, you can do this via FaceTime, Zoom, a phone call, or whichever you prefer.

9. Attire And Professionalism

Discuss the expected attire for the DJ on your wedding day. Does it align with the formality and theme of your celebration? Professionalism is paramount, and a well-dressed DJ adds a polished touch to the overall ambiance of the event… and you know they mean business (the business of keeping the atmosphere vibrant and lovely, that is!) 

Tip: Specify any dress code preferences you may have and confirm that the DJ understands the level of formality you are expecting from them.

10. Cancellation And Refund Policies

Last but not least, one of the things to ask a wedding DJ is their cancellation and refund policies. While no one hopes for the need to cancel (wedding DJ or otherwise), it’s crucial to know the terms in case unforeseen circumstances arise.

Additionally, you can also learn about this via the official contract you’ll sign, but it’s best to discuss it in person just in case. 

Tip: For extra assurance, consider purchasing wedding insurance (hey, that rhymed!) to protect yourself financially in case of cancellations or unexpected challenges.

Final Thoughts

And with that said – we hope you’re able to learn more than a thing or two with our list of the most important things to ask a wedding DJ before the big day! 

More than the tear-jerking ceremony that we know your wedding day is already going to be, the reception is equally important, so you want to make sure that your family and friends also have an amazing time the whole way through. And with an excellent DJ at the helm, that of course is more than possible. 

But real quick – have you already found the right wedding DJ? If you’re still looking, then consider our services here at DJing.ca! As Canada’s largest DJ company, the fine folks on our team only work with 1% of the top DJs to maintain our stellar 5-star rating. And with more than 1,000 events under our belt, you can trust DJing.ca knows how to provide you with only the best DJs in the biz.

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