Tips on How to Find A Good Wedding DJ | DJing.ca Vancouver DJ

Tips on How to Find A Good Wedding DJ | DJing.ca Vancouver DJ

When it comes to hiring a Wedding DJ, people think the best and versatile entertainer can make a difference with such a great deal of energy and excitement to the events. Not surprisingly, there are some couples who don’t know what questions to ask when hiring a DJ. DJing.ca’s team will discuss the most important considerations before hiring a DJ. We know several different types of DJ services offered in Vancouver however,  here are the tips on how to find the best wedding DJ. You will start on your way to hiring the perfect DJ right here!

DJ’s Classified in Two Major Categories

  1. Private Event DJs – Our team mentioned in our previous blog entitled “Event DJ Vs Artist: What’s The Difference?” that the most important considerations before hiring a DJ are to classify them into the category. This way, you may know them better as wedding DJs, private party DJs, corporate party DJs, and many other names similar to this. In addition, the purpose of this is to scale the ability of the DJ to play what the client has requested in the form of a tracklist sent to the DJ prior to the event. 

    In this first category, you discover that the private events DJs will cater to private parties and one of them is a wedding event. Part of the service is song requests, you can ask the DJ to play a song right then and there.

  1. Performing Artist DJs – These DJs are not the same services as the above categories. For those that are not familiar with the DJ category, this DJ’s maybe more interesting! These DJs are more likely the same skills as Private Event DJs and are more than capable of playing those events because of the factor from which I derived their name “performing artist” they spend countless hours in the studio creating their own music. They produce this music with the intent of playing it live and these genres are far more popular in a nightclub than at a wedding.

To wrap up the difference between these two categories is that these DJs will often grow into large solo acts, creating their own production filled with choreographed lighting, visuals, and more!  

A Good Wedding DJ | DJing.ca Vancouver DJ

So, how to find the Best Wedding DJ?

As far as our company is concerned, if you like to hire a DJ you should set your objectives and make sure that you have a DJ checklist for your guidance. The goal of this guide is for you to get a great DJ. Find an expert and more experienced DJs to help you! At DJing.ca we have 3 listed qualities that should a DJ have that we’d like to share with you.

  1. Your DJ must be reliable – The DJ shows up two hours early the day itself of your wedding. By doing this the DJ has enough time to set up everything needed in the event. In addition,  DJs are also great MCs.  When these two skills complement each other your DJ is reliable.
  2. Your DJ must be professional – It means the DJ will be far more adaptable to any request that the client may have. Professionalism is one of the most favorite words that people use when it comes to business terms especially in the corporate world. The DJ shows professionalism in dress code that is consistent, uses professional language and grammar, and should have high-quality equipment, etc.
  3. Your DJ must be friendly and easy going – This aspect is more important than the two first mentioned above. Djing.ca Vancouver DJ will take care of everything. We’ll make sure that absolutely nothing is overlooked and handle everything professionally. 

DJing.ca was created so that people just like you, can easily select from Vancouver’s best DJs. Hired us today! Fill Our Quote form & get a response in 1 minute or call +1 (800) 431-4685.


Tips on How to Find A Good Wedding DJ | DJing.ca Vancouver DJ

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