Top 10 Carrie Underwood Songs To Add To Your Wedding Day

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First of all, let’s give a massive round of applause to the two of you for stepping into the grand adventure called marriage. Cue the confetti, cheers, and maybe a few air horns! Now, as you embark on this thrilling journey, let’s talk about something as crucial as finding your soulmate – finding the perfect soundtrack for your big day!

We’re here to rescue you from the clutches of mediocre tunes and guide you straight to the golden treasure chest of Carrie Underwood wedding songs! 

So, if you’re ready, take a dive and check out which songs made our list.

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Top 10 Carrie Underwood Wedding Songs

How did we choose these gems? Well, we didn’t just close our eyes and point randomly at a list (tempting as that may be). We used a top-secret, highly sophisticated algorithm – okay, maybe not that sophisticated! But we did consider factors such as the most played, the most popular, and the most appropriate for weddings.

1. "There's a Place for Us" (2010)

Picture this – you and your special someone entering your fairytale wedding like true royalty. Carrie’s enchanting voice in “There’s a Place for Us” (Carrie Underwood wedding songs alert!) creates a magical atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for a grand entrance or during the ceremony.

2. "I'll Stand By You" (2007)

We all know marriage is about commitment, and what better way to express it than with “I’ll Stand By You”? Released in 2007, this song oozes sincerity, making it the perfect backdrop for your vows or a sentimental first dance.

3. "Heartbeat" (2015)

Planning to turn up the tempo a bit? “Heartbeat” (Yes, more Carrie Underwood wedding songs please!) from 2015 is an energetic, feel-good anthem. Use it for a lively reception entrance or to keep the dance floor buzzing – your guests won’t be able to resist the infectious beat!

4. "Inside Your Heaven" (2005)

What’s a wedding without a classic love ballad? “Inside Your Heaven” from 2005 is a timeless choice. The heartfelt lyrics and Carrie’s soulful delivery make it a beautiful addition to your ceremony or as a first dance that’ll have everyone swooning.

5. "Mama's Song" (2010)

Cue the waterworks! “Mama’s Song” is an ode to the special bond between a mother and daughter. If you want to pull on those heartstrings during a mother-daughter dance, this one’s a tearjerker – in the best way!

Bride and groom partying to Carrie Underwood wedding songs

6. "Like I'll Never Love You Again" (2015)

Need a song that speaks volumes about your deep, everlasting love? “Like I’ll Never Love You Again” from 2015 is the answer. For a first dance that feels like the only dance, this Carrie Underwood wedding song delivers all the passion and intensity you’re looking for.

7. "The Fighter" (2016)

Who said weddings can’t be a little edgy? “The Fighter” is a dynamic duet with Keith Urban that adds a modern twist to your playlist. Perfect for a fun and energetic moment, perhaps during the reception or even as an unexpected duet with your significant other!

8. "What I Never Knew I Always Wanted" (2015)

Uncover the sweetness with “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted.” Released in 2015, this Carrie Underwood wedding song is an intimate revelation of unexpected love. Consider it for a special moment during the ceremony or as a heartfelt dedication.

9. "All-American Girl" (2007)

Time to celebrate your love, all-American style! “All-American Girl” is a lively and joyous tune that’s perfect for moments like the cake cutting or as background music during the reception. Your guests will be tapping their toes in no time!

10. "Look at Me" (2005)

Let’s end on a romantic note, shall we? “Look at Me” from 2005 is a tender and loving declaration of affection. Use it during the ceremony or as a special dedication during the reception – it’s like a musical love letter to your significant other.

Carrie Underwood's Hits Over the Years

From the charming countryside to the glittering city lights, Carrie’s music has been the soundtrack to countless love stories, making her the darling of weddings worldwide. Let’s take a look at her impact on the music industry.

Back in the Day

Remember 2005? Carrie Underwood crashed onto the music scene, and we all collectively decided to put “Inside Your Heaven” on every wedding playlist. It’s like the official anthem for slow dancing and staring lovingly into each other’s eyes. Fast forward to 2007, and “I’ll Stand By You” became the go-to choice for couples wanting a song that screams, “I promise not to hog the remote control.”

Middle Years

In 2010, Carrie tugged at our heartstrings with “Mama’s Song.” Cue the waterworks during mother-daughter dances! And yes, it’s not just a tearjerker; it’s a Carrie Underwood wedding song must-have – I mean, the lady knows how to hit us in the feels.

Now, let’s talk about 2015 – the year of dreams. “There’s a Place for Us” took us on a magic carpet ride straight into wedding fantasyland, while “Like I’ll Never Love You Again” was like a love potion for couples wanting to crank up the passion.

But wait, there’s more sweetness from 2015! “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted” told us that sometimes love hits you like a surprise puppy – unexpected but absolutely delightful.

Recent Hits

In 2016, Carrie teamed up with Keith Urban for “The Fighter.” It’s like they bottled up energy, added a dash of sass, and turned it into a song. Perfect for couples who want their wedding vibe to scream, “We’re here to party!”

Jump to 2022, and we’re grooving to the infectious joy of “All-American Girl.” It’s like a slice of apple pie, a sparkler, and a hug from Uncle Sam – all rolled into one catchy tune. Stick it on your playlist for moments like the cake cutting or when you just need to inject some fun into the party.

How to Choose the Right Carrie Underwood Wedding Songs

Planning your wedding playlist can be as exciting as picking the cake flavor (almost!).  But hold your horses – or should I say, wedding carriages – because choosing the right tunes isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. Let’s break it down into five tips that’ll have you two-stepping down the aisle with the perfect soundtrack.

Tip 1: Feel the Vibes

First things first, figure out the vibe you’re after. Are you going for the classic slow dance, or are you all about that energetic, “let’s party like it’s 1999” vibe? Carrie has songs for every mood – from dreamy to downright party-ready.

Example: Wanna keep it classic? Chuck in “Inside Your Heaven” for your first dance. It’s timeless, romantic, and basically a love potion in song form.

Tip 2: Your Love Story, Your Tunes

Your wedding is all about your epic love story, right? So, pick songs that tell that tale. Whether it’s a track that screams “first date feels” or one that captures your lovey-dovey journey, make it personal.

Example: Met in a small town and fought for love? “All-American Girl” is your anthem. It’s catchy, fun, and basically your love story in musical form.

Tip 3: Matchy-Matchy Lyrics

When it comes to lyrics, get matchy-matchy with the moment. Slow, soulful ballads for the mushy bits, and upbeat tunes for when it’s time to party. Carrie’s “I’ll Stand By You” is like vows in song form – perfect for the serious bits.

Example: Picture this – saying your vows with “I’ll Stand By You” playing in the background. It’s like the universe saying, “Yep, these two are in it for the long haul.”

Tip 4: Feel the Beat

Now, don’t get too caught up in the words; think about the beat too. For slow moments, go for the heartstring-tugging ballads. When it’s time to shake what your mama gave you, hit them with something upbeat. Carrie has “Heartbeat” for the slow stuff and “The Fighter” for when it’s time to boogie.

Example: Imagine entering your reception to the beats of “Heartbeat.” It’s like setting the stage for a dance floor takeover – you, the star of the show.

Tip 5: Mix the Feels

Lastly, balance is key. Throw in some tear-jerkers, mix in some dancefloor fillers, and you have yourself a playlist rollercoaster. Carrie has “Mama’s Song” for the emotional bits and “The Fighter” for when you’re ready to throw some shapes.

Example: Wrap up a tear-inducing mother-daughter dance with “Mama’s Song,” then kick off the party with “The Fighter.” It’s like a wedding playlist on steroids – in a good way.

Final Thoughts

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In conclusion, finding the perfect soundtrack for your wedding day is no small feat, but Carrie Underwood has a lot of great songs that you can add to your big day.

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