Top 30 Bruno Mars Wedding Songs For An Electric Celebration!

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About to get hitched to the love of your life? Congratulations! 

But before you exchange vows, you need to first make sure that the music that’s playing is setting the type of mood that you want! And who better to turn to than the smooth, soulful sounds of Bruno Mars wedding songs? 

That’s right! Because whether you’re looking for romantic ballads to sway your partner to or upbeat tunes to get your reception started, ol’ Bruno here has something to get you in the mood. 

So, without further ado (and so you can get on with the wedding planning), here are 30 of our favorite Bruno Mars wedding songs, categorized for your convenience. Let’s get started!

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A couple listening to Bruno Mars wedding songs during their ceremony.

Romantic Bruno Mars Wedding Songs

It should go without saying, but the artist who first broke the spotlight with his pop single “Just the Way You Are” is an absolute romantic, and hasn’t stopped making hearts swoon ever since! 

So, for our list of Romantic Bruno Mars wedding songs, we’d recommend the all-time classic “Marry You” for the bridal walk, while something more lighthearted like “Count on Me” or “All I ask” is the perfect song for a first dance. Either way, we guarantee all of these songs are absolute tearjerkers for your big day! 

  1. Just The Way You Are (2010) 
  2. Marry You (2010) 
  3. Versace on the Floor (2016) 
  4. Grenade (2010)
  5. Talking to the Moon (2010) 
  6. When I Was Your Man (2012)
  7. Count on Me (2010)
  8. Rest of My Life (2012)
  9. All I Ask (2015) 
  10. Our First Time (2010)
A couple exchanging vows during their wedding ceremony.

Slow Bruno Mars Wedding Songs

Need something slow and understated to help fill in the dead air during your wedding’s quieter moments? Well, Bruno has got your back as well! 

Whether you’re just waiting for all of the guests to arrive at the start of the ceremony or wedding reception, or you need some easy jams to play as background for the small talk during dinner, these slow Bruno Mars wedding songs should do! Not too energetic and not too loud, just the way you like it! 

  1. It Will Rain (2011) 
  2. Too Good to Say Goodbye (2016)
  3. Again (2010) 
  4. All About You (2012) 
  5. Natalie (2010) 
  6. Somewhere in Brooklyn (2010) 
  7. Show Me (2012) 
  8. If I Knew (2012)
  9. Straight Up & Down (2016) 
  10. Love’s Train (2023)
A couple in their wedding ceremony.

Loud and upbeat Bruno Mars Wedding Songs

Now, when he’s not busy making girls swoon or acting as your wingman while you make your bride blush, Bruno is off partying, and there’s no better proof than this list of loud and upbeat Bruno Mars wedding songs! 

For starters, both “24K Magic” and “Uptown Funk” are the perfect songs to open the dance floor, while “Treasure” and “Locked Out of Heaven” are both just waiting for a choreographed dance number from you and your partner! Other dance floor toppers include “That’s What I Like” and “Finesse,” as well as the highly underrated “Perm!” So ask your wedding DJ to turn it up loud, this wedding reception party should be one for the ages! 

  1. 24K Magic (2016) 
  2. Uptown Funk (2014)
  3. Locked Out of Heaven (2012) 
  4. Treasure (2013) 
  5. Chunky (2016) 
  6. That’s What I Like (2016)
  7. Finesse (2018) 
  8. Perm (2016) 
  9. Runaway Baby (2010) 
  10. The Lazy Song (2010)

FAQs About Bruno Mars Wedding Songs

Are Bruno Mars songs appropriate for weddings?

Absolutely! Bruno Mars has a diverse catalog of songs ranging from romantic ballads to upbeat dance tracks, making them perfect for any wedding celebration.

Which Bruno Mars songs are best for a first dance?

“Just The Way You Are,” “Versace on the Floor,” and “When I Was Your Man” are popular choices for first dances due to their romantic lyrics and beautiful melodies. Of course, it’s still all up to your taste and preferences, so make sure to explore his catalog more! 

Can I include Bruno Mars songs in my wedding ceremony?

Certainly! Songs like “Count on Me” and “Marry You” are perfect for wedding ceremonies, while slower tracks like “Talking to the Moon” can create a poignant atmosphere. Of course, mixing it up with other artists is also highly recommended! 

Are there any Bruno Mars songs that are not suitable for weddings?

While most of Bruno Mars’ songs are love-themed and suitable for weddings, some may have lyrics or themes that aren’t appropriate for all audiences. It’s always a good idea to listen to the lyrics and consider the mood you want to create at your wedding, especially if there are kids! 

Newlyweds resting while bruno mars wedding songs are playing.

Bruno Mars' Impact In The Music And Wedding Industry

It should come as no surprise, but Bruno Mars’ impact on both the music industry and weddings couldn’t be more understated. For one thing, Bruno has consistently delivered hit after hit ever since he decided to release his solo work back in 2010, earning him numerous awards and accolades.

This includes chart-topping hits like “Just The Way You Are,” “Uptown Funk,” and “24K Magic,” dominating both airwaves and wedding playlists alike. To date, his music has also sold more than 130 million records worldwide, with 8 of his songs reaching the no. 1 spot (and 18 songs breaking the top 10) on the Billboards chart. Additionally, his music has also won him a total of 12 Grammys.

Aside from these accolades, Bruno’s smooth vocals, infectious beats, and undeniable charisma have made him a favorite among couples looking to add a touch of romance and excitement to their special day. What’s more, his ability to seamlessly blend various musical genres, from pop and R&B to funk and soul, has made his music accessible to audiences of all ages and tastes! 

Tips For Choosing Bruno Mars Wedding Songs

  • Consider Your Theme – Whether you’re going for a classic romantic vibe or a modern and upbeat atmosphere, there’s a Bruno Mars song to suit every wedding theme, so make sure you pick songs that fit the vibe!
  • Think About the Mood – Are you looking for a slow and sentimental song for your first dance, or do you want to get the party started with an upbeat track? Choose songs that reflect the mood you want to create at each moment of your celebration.

  • Personalize Your Playlist – Incorporate songs that hold special meaning to you and your partner, whether it’s a song that was playing during your first date or a track you’ve danced to together countless times. After all, it’s your big day!
  • Consider Your Guests – While it’s important to choose songs that you love, it’s also essential to consider the preferences of your guests and select a mix of songs that will appeal to everyone. In addition, you can even ask your guests to request songs from your wedding DJ to further personalize the playlist!
  • Don’t Forget the Classics – In addition to Bruno Mars’ hits, consider including timeless classics and crowd-pleasers to keep everyone entertained throughout the night. For example, some classics from Adele or Frank Sinatra should keep everyone entertained throughout your wedding party!
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With the perfect blend of romance, energy, and style, Bruno Mars’ music is sure to make your wedding day an unforgettable celebration of love and happiness. So, go ahead and pick your favorites from these handpicked lists of Bruno Mars wedding songs! 

But just in case you don’t have the perfect wedding DJ yet to make sure all the right songs are played at the right time, why not work with us here at DJing.ca?

As the largest DJ company in Canada, we here at DJing.ca will supply you with expert DJs, top-of-the-line-equipment and industry-leading customer service at affordable rates! What’s more, we’ve also successfully played at more than 1,000+ events, maintaining our stellar 5-star rating the whole way through. 

So, go ahead and hit us up for a quote, and we’ll be right with you to start planning your big day! Happy planning!

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