Top 30 Lana Del Rey Wedding Songs For A Dreamy Celebration

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A couple listening to Lana Del Rey wedding songs during their wedding ceremony.


“To be young and in love~~” 

Much like Lana Del Rey sings in her song “Love,” there’s really quite nothing like being in love, especially if you’re about to get married to your significant other! 

Of course, such great moments should be celebrated with music that’s just as good, and we think Lana Del Rey’s own catalog of songs fits the bill, thanks to her dreamy, cinematic sound and yearning lyrics!

So, to help suit each moment of your upcoming big day, we picked out 30 of our favorite Lana Del Rey wedding songs, ranging from romantic, to the slow and sentimental, and even the upbeat ones to help make your reception a blast. 

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A couple kissing while listening to Lana Del Rey Wedding songs.

Romantic Lana Del Rey Wedding Songs

With her soft, ethereal voice and penchant for writing songs that bring out the real yearner in you, Lana del Rey has made quite the name when it comes to romantic songs perfect for weddings, and we picked our top favorites in this list. 

For our personal recommendations, we suggest “Video Games,” Lana’s breakthrough hit that talks about her vulnerability and beauty, as well as “Young and Beautiful,” a hauntingly romantic track that’s perfect for the bridal walk down the aisle

  1. “Video Games” (2011)
  2. “Young and Beautiful” (2013
  3. “Love” (2017)
  4. “Summertime Sadness” (2012)
  5. “Mariners Apartment Complex” (2018)
  6. “Blue Jeans” (2011)
  7. “Snow On The Beach” (More Lana Del Ray) (2023) 
  8. “Ride” (2012)
  9. “Cherry” (2017)
  10. “Norman Fucking Rockwell” (2019)
A newlywed couple walking outside after the ceremony.

Slow and Sentimental Lana Del Rey Wedding Songs

Every wedding has its own slower and quieter moments, but just because that’s the case doesn’t mean that your guests should be bored too! Whether it’s the cocktail hour, reception dinner, your first dance, or even just your guests arriving at the venue, you will need some slow jams to set the mood, and here are our top picks! 

A classic pick would be “Born to Die,” which most of your guests should recognize, as well as “White Mustang,” which is a dreamy and introspective track that’s perfect as soft, background music. Just take your pick, and feel free to listen to all of our choices! 

  1. “Born to Die” (2011)
  2. “Change” (2017)
  3. “Tomorrow Never Came” (2017)
  4. “Ultraviolence” (2014)
  5. “White Mustang” (2017)
  6. “Gods & Monsters” (2012)
  7. “Beautiful People Beautiful Problems” (2017)
  8. “Black Beauty” (2015)
  9. “Old Money” (2014)
  10. “Heroin” (2017)
A newlywed couple during their wedding reception.

Upbeat Lana Del Rey Wedding Songs

When you think of Lana Del Rey, you usually think of slow and dreamy songs and her delicate voice. However, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know how to party! 

So, once the wedding DJ says that it’s time to open the dance floor and start dancing, here are our top upbeat Lana Del Rey wedding songs to vibe to! You have well-loved classics like “Summer Bummer” and “West Coast” to bring out your best dance moves, while the pop-infused “Radio” and “White Dress” should make everyone tap their toes, even your grandparents!

  1. “Doin’ Time” (2019)
  2. “High by the Beach” (2015)
  3. “Summer Bummer” (2017)
  4. “West Coast” (2014)
  5. “Groupie Love” (2017)
  6. “White Dress” (2021)
  7. “Radio” (2012)
  8. “Freak” (2015)
  9. “Shades of Cool” (2014)
  10. “West Coast” (Camo & Krooked Remix) (2014)
A couple kissing during their reception party.

FAQ Section About Lana Del Rey Wedding Songs

Are Lana Del Rey songs suitable for a wedding?

Absolutely! Lana Del Rey’s discography offers a diverse range of songs that cater to various moods and moments at weddings. So whether you’re looking for a romantic ballad, a slow and sentimental track, or an upbeat anthem for the dance floor, there should be something in the playlists we included that you can use!

What’s the significance of Lana Del Rey’s music at weddings?

Lana Del Rey’s music is known for its cinematic quality and emotional depth, making it a perfect choice for weddings. Her songs often explore themes of love, nostalgia, and beauty, which, when played at the right time, can make the elegant atmosphere that you want during your wedding!

Are there any Lana Del Rey songs that should be avoided at weddings?

While Lana Del Rey’s music is generally well-suited for weddings, some songs may have darker or more intense themes. It’s essential to consider the lyrics and overall tone of the song to ensure it aligns with the atmosphere you want to create on your wedding day.

Lana Del Rey's Impact On Weddings And The Music Industry

Thanks to her unique blend of vintage glamour and modern sensibilities, Lana Del Rey has quickly made a name for herself in both the industry and in countless wedding playlists, just like yours!

For example, her debut album “Born to Die” managed to peak at number two on the US Billboard 200 chart and has since been certified multi-platinum, while “Ultraviolence” debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. Following that, her fourth album “Lust for Life,” which features collaborations with artists like The Weeknd, also reached number one on the charts.

Then there are her hits, which includes “Summertime Sadness,” “Young and Beautiful,” “Love,” and “Doin Time,” all of which have received millions of streams online and significant radio airplay since their release.

Because of this, it’s certainly no wonder that her music has also found its way to the playlists of many weddings, playing as the soundtrack to countless couples that tied the knot. 

A newlywed couple dancing to Lana Del Rey wedding songs at their reception party.

Tips for Picking Lana Del Rey Wedding Songs

  • Personal Connection – Lana Del Rey fan? We know you are! So, how about starting with songs that you already love? Of course, we also suggest asking your partner for their preferences, just so we’re both off to a good start!

  • Diversify Your Playlist – Just like Taylor Swift said, shake it up! (Or was it shake it off?) So, make sure to mix romantic ballads with more upbeat tracks to create a dynamic playlist that will keep your guests engaged throughout the celebration. You can even add some more balladeers to your playlist (perhaps some Adele, anyone?
  • Lyric Awareness – Pay attention to the lyrics to ensure they align with the sentiments you want to express during different moments of your wedding! Make sure there’s no inappropriate songs in that playlist too!

  • Explore Remixes – Lana Del Rey’s music lends itself well to various remixes. Consider asking your wedding DJ to incorporate remixes for a contemporary twist on classic favorites.

  • Talk To Your Wedding DJ – And of course, talk to your wedding DJ! Discuss any song transitions, specific playlists, and moods that you want for the wedding. Also, make sure to ask for suggestions, just to make sure that everything goes smoothly during your big day! 
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And that concludes our list of our favorite Lana Del Rey Wedding songs! Whether you’re embracing the romance, savoring sentimental moments, or dancing the night away, Lana’s discography provides the perfect accompaniment to make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

But just in case you don’t have a wedding DJ yet to play these songs (afraid Lana herself is a bit too expensive… *cries*) why not work with our team at DJing.ca

As the largest DJ company in Canada, we here at DJing.ca have a ton of experienced DJs that have performed at countless events, all while maintaining our stellar 5-star rating. Not only that, but the DJs themselves are the top 1% of all performers in Canada, so you know your playlist will be well taken care of! 

So, hit us today for a quote and your dream DJ will be right with you to help prep up your wedding day jams. We can’t wait to hear from you and happy wedding planning!

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