Top 5 Wedding DJ Questions Should Ask You During Wedding Planning

Top 5 Wedding DJ Questions Should Ask You During Wedding Planning

When you are planning your wedding, it is important to have the guidance of the professional Djing.ca said. Whether it’s a Wedding DJ or professional event planner.  A good wedding DJ or event coordinator will cover their bases during pre-event planning. Online wedding planning also the best thing to consider to gather all the information. However, scheduled meetings with your DJ in person is necessary to fill in the gaps. The DJ makes sure they’re ready to rock your event! There are things you consider to help you ensure that you’re DJ service is the right fits on your Wedding event, expected to hear good examples of questions.

If Your DJ is really an events professional, He should be asking you the following:

1. How and where did you guys meet?

DJing.ca believes that the good Wedding DJ should make an effort to get you to know. Followed by Wedding specifics and important things to discuss. Along the way, while in the meeting you and your DJ get to know each other. After you have gotten to know your DJ through the series of your meeting, DJ will get a good idea about your personality type and what are your tastes like. Then and only then you move into the planning stage.

2. What kind of music do you like and dislike?

Choosing the tone of your wedding event is a big part of your DJ. As a couple, we believe that you are not the same taste in music so, a good DJ will know how to choose music that fits with what YOU want and dislike. Also, your DJ should always have a good understanding of what you’re looking for. In addition, your DJ should also ask what are the type of guests you invited in, and what are they like and dislike in music to play. 

3. Where and What is your event venue?

Every venue has explicit sound and arrangement necessities that a DJ ought to know about well ahead of time. Inappropriate planning can bring about un-audible microphones, segments of the night with no music, and a DJ who is running around attempting to play get up to speed as opposed to running your event. 

Perhaps you can place your DJ in contact with your wedding planner or venue contact. Thusly to your Wedding DJ that they can work it out, without you getting pushed. You have enough to worry about.

4. What Dinner Service will you be having?

It’s good to hire a DJ that can stand as an emcee during your Wedding event. For larger crowds, the DJ can play a vital role in facilitating the dinner process. A good DJ will ask for table numbers or names to control the flow of guests through buffet so there isn’t a long line. 

A decent Wedding DJ will also set toasts around service, and know the best timing that will avoid any conflicts. Your DJ should be talking and coordinate with your catering staff and wedding planner to plan with your DJ the next steps he’ll do and know what announcements to make and when.

5. Do you have a photographer or will you have a Photographer?

Knowing the Photographer is important. Your Wedding DJ will communicate with the photographer/videographer throughout the event so they can be prepared to catch any extraordinary minutes. The absence of arrangement can bring about missed shots and unnecessary stress.

Utilizing and planning your Wedding Event is really make sense. The difference between a skilled Wedding & Events DJ and just a DJ will know the result of your event. Whether you’re looking for a fantastic wedding DJ or an entertainer for your Corporate party, our DJs are seasoned. DJing.ca is a Vancouver DJ company that offers premium DJ services for any events. Visit us at https://djing.ca/ or call us +1 (800) 431-4685 for more details.


Top 5 Wedding DJ Questions Should Ask You During Wedding Planning

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