Wedding DJ Guide To Planning Your Events | DJing.ca

Wedding DJ Guide To Planning Your Events | DJing.ca

Wedding DJ Guide To Planning Your Events | DJing.ca

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting moments for a couple. With so much stress and a lot of things to consider, DJing.ca recommended hiring a Wedding DJ expert! Wondering that our Wedding DJ is the right fit for you!

DJing.ca only accepts the top 1 in 40 DJs to join our team. Our Wedding DJ has rated 5/5 stars in order for them to continue working with us. Also, we make sure that we have a DJ to hire that will be paired based on your personality and style.

Hiring the right DJ is very important

Choose the right company that you can leave everything. The company you can trust, you will enjoy and relax while you’re wedding plan is going on then stress-free. In fact, your wedding success is one of the last things your guests will remember for years to come.

Picking the great professional Wedding DJ will help you guide as to not overlook some of the most important details in your wedding event.

Here are guides that your Wedding DJ should know.

1. Pick out your outfit in advance

-Buying new shoes is fantastic. Breaking into them often isn’t. The best way to minimize blisters and painful feet on the big day (mainly weddings) is to break in your shoes two weeks in advance. Have your dress picked and ready to go two weeks before the event. Get an immediate delivery confirmation for your dress.

2. Be careful with any new skin products

-Don’t try any new products on your face the week of your event as to avoid any adverse reactions these products may cause!

3. If you’re planning your honeymoon, don’t forget to update your passport

– If you are planning your honeymoon outside of Canada, make sure your passport is valid during your trip (and if you’re going to certain countries, make sure to have the correct visa to enter and any shots you may need).

4. Don’t forget your marriage license

– When you’re planning your wedding, have your wedding license & all other important ceremony items in the box as to not forget anything.

5. Have a good signage

-Can’t find the parking? Left turn or right? This door or the place next door? These questions are things you don’t want your guests to have to ask. Signage is easily overlooked. And, oftentimes, even if you remember signage, it is rarely enough. We recommend one simple rule: a kindergartener should be able to find our event. That’s how easy instructions and signage should be.

6. Give yourself ample time to set up before the event

-Setting up always takes longer than you think. Plan for traffic, expect delays, and budget time for emergencies that may arise. A good idea is to have all the phone in case you need to reach them.

7. Make sure your event is accessible to guests

-Make your event more inclusive with wheelchair access & elderly guests by including things like ramp/elevator access, interpretative services, and ample priority seating

wedding dj with DJING.CA

8. Have coat check for your guests

– Giving your guests a secure place to put their coats, bags, and umbrellas give them one less thing to worry about.

9. Creating a plan ‘B’

-You should have contingency plans for all aspects of your event. What if there’s a technology mishap? Alternatively, there may be insufficient food available. Perhaps a supplier decides to back out. What about if it starts to rain? Things happen, and it’s better to have a plan B that you don’t have to use than none at all.

10. Leaving promotion until the last minute

– The more you put off promoting and marketing your event, the fewer times people will have to schedule to attend it. Give people as much time as possible!

11. Leaving equipment rentals until the last minute

– Have to make sure you reserve any equipment you may need for your event in advance and leave yourself time to assemble your equipment, transport it to your venue, set it up, and make sure it’s working properly. A 24-hour notice to rent equipment is not enough! Leave 2 weeks of time.

12. Not thanking participants

-Chances are you’d like to plan a bigger and better event next year.

To do him, it’s crucial to maintain a great relationship with everyone that helped you out.

If you are looking to hire a Wedding DJ or a Vancouver DJ, Djing.ca is the right for you! We will take care of everything. We’ll make sure that absolutely nothing is overlooked. Fill Our Quote Form & get a response in 1-minute or Call +1 (800) 431-4685.


Wedding DJ Guide To Planning Your Events | DJing.ca

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