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Why Choose DJing.ca™...?

Why Hire A DJing.ca wedding DJ Rather Than A Regular DJ?

DJing.ca™ was created so that couples just like yourself, who are not DJs, can easily select from our roster of Vancouver’s best DJs. Here are 3 reasons why our clients have so much confidence in us:

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Reason #1 to hire our Vancouver DJ services

Industry Leading Customer Service

DJing.ca™ offers you the customer service, DJ, sound system and lighting you need to throw that one of a kind party.

Our team believes that only the best services begin with extraordinary customer service. At DJing.ca, you can be sure that your experience is our #1 priority.

Average response time: 75 seconds. Or call +1 (888) 698-3995

Additional Services:

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Just a few places that our Vancouver DJs have performed

Learn about our Vancouver DJs experience


Our team specializes in weddings. Most have 10+ years of experience.

Our 9 person team of wedding DJs has been hand selected from over 350 wedding DJs. Out of all candidates, only the top 2.57% of wedding DJs were qualified under our standards. 

Average response time: 75 seconds.

Or call +1 (888) 698-3995

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Learn how our Vancouver DJ team will take care of everything

We Take Care Of Everything

Leave everything to us.

The DJ is often one of the last vendors couples think about. Yet, the music is one of the few things your guests will always remember for years to come. Right from the first call, we’ll take care of everything so you can relax in the days leading up to your event.

Average response time: 75 seconds.

Or call +1 (888) 698-3995

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Can You See Why So Many People Just Like You Are

Choosing DJing.ca For Their Wedding DJ Needs?

Sarah encourages anyone to hire our wedding DJs

Portside Pub & Blarney Stone

Taylor gives our wedding DJs a 5/5 star rating

The Lamplighter & Library Square

Jeff highly advises anyone looking for a wedding DJ to fill out a quote from on DJing.ca's website

The Pint

Tubbs from Cabana recommends DJing.ca's wedding djs

Cabana Nightclub

Anami loved our Vancouver wedding DJ team and recommends us to everyone

The Charles Bar

Louis suggests to everyone to hire their wedding DJ from DJing.ca

Twelve West & Republic

Martha gave our wedding DJs a 5/5 star rating
Martha & Mia

Kids Party

Denise gave our wedding dj team a 5-star rating

TD Canada

Sam and Jessica encourage anyone looking for a DJ for their wedding to call DJing.ca
Jessica & Samantha

School Event

Noreen was very happy with our DJ services

Eldordo Gold Corp

Sarah loved our dj services and recommends anyone looking for a DJ for their wedding to contact us

University Of Fraser Valley

Brogan used our dj services for his wedding and recommends our DJs


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How It Works

How It Works

Step 1 to hiring a vancouver dj or wedding dj
Speak with A DJing.ca™ Team Member About Your Exact Party Details.
Step 2 to hiring a vancouver dj or wedding dj
Our Team Will Match You To The Most Ideal Wedding DJ Based On Your Personality, Style & Vision. We have 9 DJs To Select From.
Step 3 to hiring a vancouver dj or wedding dj
Take A Look Over Some Unique Resources We Will Send To You Via Email (You Won't Find The Information Anywhere Else).

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Below Are Our Frequently Asked Questions:

Absolutely! Before anything else, the first priority is to play the exact music you want to hear.

We offer online planning and playlist forms you can fill out that will let us know your 1) must play songs, 2) optional songs to play, and also 3) your do-not-play song list.

DJing.ca™ requires a 50% deposit to confirm our DJ services for your wedding date. Your deposit is 100% refundable up to 3 months before your wedding date. The remaining balance will be due 1 week before your wedding. You can read more about our FAQs here.

Yes! We would love it if you met with your DJ in person. Our team can sit down with you, buy you coffee, and talk about how we can help with your wedding. We prefer meeting in person, however, skype and facetime meetings work as well. If email works best for you, we can do that too. Want to learn more about our team?

Absolutely, we can take as many music requests from your guests as you’d like. Depending on what you would prefer, we can 1) take all music requests from your guests, 2) have the DJ use their discretion while playing certain requests or 3) have a pre-approved song list. While we should have most song available, having wifi access will allow us to download any songs we may not have during the wedding. Here is a list of some of the most requested songs

DJing.ca™ has 9 qualified wedding DJs in Vancouver for you to choose from. We will match you to the DJ we think you are most compatible with, however, you are able to select the DJ you feel is the best fit for you, as long as they’re available. You can speak to as many of our DJs as you need to ensure you’ve found the right person for your wedding! The quicker you book your wedding DJ with us, the more DJs there will be available to pick from.

Yes, we can definitely do this! To make sure that we have the exact song that you’re looking for, we strongly encourage you to send us the proper version of the song either by 1) emailing us, 2) sending us a dropbox, google drive or download link, or 3) bring a USB Stick containing all the correct files. Please make sure to label al lthe songs with the correct Artist & Title.

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Over the last 5 years, we’ve put together a list of unique details that people forget. Make sure you’re not one of them. Get a copy when you fill out a quote form.

Our Free PDF of the top 22 mistakes to avoid when planning an event. Hiring a vancouver dj, wedding dj, birthday dj, corporate dj, christmas dj, or kids party dj will reduce the amount of obstacles.
Our Vancouver DJs are some of the best in Vancouver

Our Wedding DJs Will Create The Perfect Memories Through Music

DJing.ca™ is home to the best wedding DJs in Vancouver. You might be wondering: “why do we believe are DJs are the best?”

Imagine consulting with nearly 400 DJs, spending hours listening to their live performances, interviewing them, and reviewing their breadth of experience, their personality and their professionalism. Imagine for months, your full-time job was assessing DJs, and you finally managed to select one candidate out of the hundreds you consulted. I’m sure you’d feel very confident with the choice you made.

This is exactly what our team does at DJing.ca. We’ve worked with almost 400 DJs, and selected only the top 1 out of 40 to join our wedding DJ team. Convinced yet? If so, submit a quote form and we’ll be in contact with you very shortly!

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Our Vancouver DJ Team Our Event Experts

Our Wedding DJ Team Has Played More than 8,000 Events

Remember the saying “10,000 hours makes you a master”. Our DJs have performed on average for over 10 years and thousands of events each.

You can relax knowing that we’ve done every type of event. Perhaps this is your very first time organizing a party and hiring a DJ, or maybe you’ve done it for years. Either way, we’ll walk you through the whole process from start to finish and take care of absolutely everything. We’ll also provide you with our unique resources you won’t be able to find anywhere else to help turn your event into a success:

Our Vancouver DJ Team Our Event Experts

Our Wedding DJ Team Has Played More than 8,000 Events

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Our Vancouver DJs will create lasting memories

Create Moments Your Family & Friends Will Remember Forever

Sometimes you don’t know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

The internet has forever altered the way we relive memories. All those pictures, videos, instagram stories and snapchats that your friends capture on their phones will be saved forever. You’ll be able to relive your wedding at any moment in time – for the rest of your life. Hiring a wedding DJ from DJing.ca™ is one of the best investments you can make both right now, and for the rest of your life.

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Your Dream Wedding Is Only one click away...

Say goodbye to mediocrity on your wedding day. It’s time to stop spending countless hours working on planning your wedding, and instead have your wedding start working for you. 

At DJing.ca™, we truly take care of absolutely everything for you. Instead of spending your valuable time stressing out about planning every last detail of your wedding, we want you to be able to relax, knowing that your perfect wedding is planning while you sleep. When reflecting back on your wedding day, our wedding DJ team will ensure that you wedding will be ‘that wedding’ that all of your guests will be be bringing up, year after year, as one of those priceless days that all of your friends and family were able to break out of their shells, and be comfortable being just who they are.

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Here Are A Few Venues Our Wedding DJ Team Has Performed...

Here are just a few of the nightclubs that we've worked at.
Check out a video of our wedding djs performing live
Here is a video of our wedding DJs performing at Celebrities nightclub
This video is our team performing at Celebrities Nightclub

Average response time: 75 seconds.

Or call +1 (888) 698-3995

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DJing.ca™: Known For The Best. Tell Us How We Can Help

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The #1 problem clients face...

As I’m sure you’re aware, we live in a world where people fear commitment. People leave all of their options open, because they’re afraid they might end up loosing out on a future opportunity that might be superior to what is right in front of them.

Yet this way of thinking is wrong… But why?

Because by failure to commit to something, the best options available become unavailable. What we thought was a sure thing, ends up becoming a missed opportunity. Through our deliberate action of inaction, we’re soon presented with second-tier options. Options that you wish you could’ve avoided in the first place. But you’ve already committed to the idea of hiring a DJ, so you end up going through with it anyway, and you choose whoever is available because you don’t want to completely miss out. But you know in your heart it didn’t feel like the right choice. And when the money is spent, and the performance is over, you’re disappointed. And you tell yourself: never again. Yet just like a teenager who claims to never drink again after binge drinking the night before, we end up in a cycle of never committing, and always being stuck with bad alternatives. Deep down inside, we’re unhappy. And we’re left with regret.

Amazing opportunities don't last long.

DJing.ca only performs at 125 corporate events per year,  and performs in front of companies such as McLaren, FlyOver Canada, and ActiveState. As we get more referrals each year, the number of calls & emails continues to grow. 

And with good reason.

Having a 100% satisfaction rate, we keep getting referrals. That’s what happens when you are Vancouver’s best DJs.

I know a lot of other people claim that, but here’s the facts:

We spent an entire year, or 4,000+ hours (yes, we’re work-a-holics) searching through 350 DJs, only to find the top 15 that met our expectations based on personality, experience, and professionalism. If any DJ doesn’t receive a 5/5 star rating from clients (just like yourself), they do not meet the requirements of our contract and can no longer work with us.

And here’s the kicker…

To date we haven’t had to remove anyone.

If you want your event to be truly amazing, don’t hesitate. Fill out the form, we’re here to help. Let’s work together to make your vision come to life.

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